25. Unabashed

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Third Person's P. O. V.

“Ahh..goddam-dammit..s-slow d-down!”

Taehyung’s jaw clenched and he pulled out, flipping the other on his stomach “on your hands and knees baby” he huffed out placing his hands on either side of Jin’s waist.

Seokjin didn’t move, head comfortably resting on the pillow and groaned as he lay heaving on the bed “wan-na sleep..I..mnm tired”

A slap resounded through the room and Seokjin yelped, squeezing his eyes to the feeling of the sting on his butt.

“I haven’t cum yet, so stop bitching” he began grinding his painfully hard erection as he wrapped an arm around Jin’s waist to lift him off of the bed.

“Nnghh” Jin whimpered feeling Taehyung’s thick hard length impaling him again and dug his head into the pillow, knuckles turning white as he gripped hard at its’ corners, eyes pressing close at the force with which he was being fucked.

Cursing himself for teasing the man, and telling himself never to do it again.

He might or might not have tried to tease Taehyung by saying he was all talk when it came to being demanding, and that he could never make him give in to him anyway.

No sooner had the words left his mouth Taehyung had gone down on him, giving him a maddening taste of how good his mouth could make him squirm and cry. The sadistic jerk had pleasured and tortured him leaving him in agony by not letting him cum as he thrashed for respite but no mercy until he had begged him to fuck him.

But although he was allowed to cum once he had done that but now Taehyung just  wouldn’t stop, and Jin had lost count of how many times he had been driven to his high.

“Told you I knew you’d give in to my demands” Taehyung squeezed his hip, intentionally leaving bruises as he rocked his hips to repeatedly slap against Jin’s ass, his restless hands kneaded the soft flesh and held him tighter against himself as he earned more gasping moans from the other.

He leaned in, digging his teeth on his back drawing more whimpers as shudders of pleasure ran through Seokjin’s muscles and he grabbed onto Jin’s leaking member stiff against his thigh.

He had made sure to pamper his baby just right tonight, giving him multiple orgasms, and although Jin was tired beyond compare he’d pamper him more.

He felt Jin shudder and shriek as his hips pushed back into him “y-yes! There! M-More!”

And being the good boy Taehyung was he followed his dear lovers’ commands, hitting hard at the same spot over and over again and beamed with the way Jin squirmed and whined. He wrapped his other arm around Jin’s neck, pulling him back flush against his chest and carried on pounding into him, is teeth finding purchase into the crook of his neck.

Seokjin cried out due to the constant play of pleasure pain, felt Taehyung pulling his head back to rest against his shoulder the odd huff of the others’ heavy breathing at his ear made his stomach knot up as he felt another orgasm approaching.

He felt him grip at his jaw to turn his face to a side and before he could even manage to realize what was happening Taehyung’s mouth crashed on his and he groaned into his mouth when he felt him sucking and biting in his lustful craze, grip getting tighter on his jaw when he tried to jerk away in his need to breathe.

He spilled out another high when he felt Taehyung up his pace, moaning loud when he clenched hard on him due to the vigorous actions. He finally let go of his jaw before forcing both of them to fall onto the mattress, Jin felt him press his entire weight on him as he plunged deeper and stilled, grunting as his hold on his waist got tighter while shocks of his hard climax ran through his muscles making  him curse and thrash as well.

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