29. Their Engagement

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Author's POV:

          Subtle fairy lights hanged loosely on the heart of the huge drawing room of Saeed Mansion. The wooden staircase that led to downstairs was decorated with white lily flowers, as per the liking of Aayat giving perfect contrast to the absolute white coloured walls of the room.

          The house was bustling with close relatives of Saeed family as they awaited for soon to be groom. While on the room upstairs, A lady who was soon to get officially engaged to Mahir sat Infront of mirror gazing at her transformed self.

         She was dressed in a delicate baby pink coloured Attire that had soft white coloured beads decorated on it, some even hanging on the cutted out hem of the dress. Her face was glowing as ever in the soft make up and a nude lipstick worm on her lips. Blush , completing the beautiful look.

         The oxidised earrings dusting on her shoulder as she wrapped up her matching scarf with the help of Humaira

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         The oxidised earrings dusting on her shoulder as she wrapped up her matching scarf with the help of Humaira.

"There you go. Aayat you look so beautiful!" Humaira complimented her best friend.

"Thanks.." Aayat managed to say. About Aayat, she was still in the shock of what Hamza had revealed last week. His confession had added more upto her guilt, as she wasn't able to really meet her eyes with Humaira. Even though, she wasn't at fault, she felt the opposite.

        She saw Humaira kneel down before her. Humaira grabbed softly her hand and said to Aayat with a smile on her face,

"Aayat, look I know past whole month has been very hard on you. And then, Mahir! I know that you have been in alot of stress due to both of your past and the future that is about to come.

But Aayat, I want you to just let it all go for once. I want you to give a chance to the plan of fate.

There is indeed a reason behind all this. Otherwise why would he would be back in your life? It's all Allah's plan Aayat...

Just promise me that you will let go off all the unnecessary worry."

         Aayat's kohl filled eyes pooled as she listened to Humaira's word. She breathed shakily as she rethought about what Humaira had just said and then realized that what she was saying was may be right.

May be she was just thinking too much.
May be she was worried for nothing.

"I Promise." Aayat mumbled as she kept her other hand on Humaira's. She was just too tired of thinking. And for the first time in a long time, it felt that she should just go with the flow, this time. She was about to get engaged officially to someone.

         This was going to be the first page of her life's new chapter and surely she wanted it to be read with a sense of calmness if not happiness.

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