Change Of Heart

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The Indominus woke with a start feeling a most unpleasant pain throughout her large white body. The Compsognathus that had been feeding on her unconscious carcass scampered off back into the foliage they came from as she very slowly and shakily rose to her feet. There was a ginormous gash that ran from her upper thigh down to the knee, waves of crimson pouring out of the wound. The hybrid didn't understand how she was still alive, the last thing she experienced before losing consciousness was being dragged under the water by that large swimming dinosaur of which she didn't know the name of and the water filling her lungs as she struggled in its grasp. The Indominus knew that was what had happened, so how come she wasn't dead?

Blue was rummaging around in the main street restaurant, still distraught over the death of all of her siblings, even her alpha had abandoned her. Part of her couldn't help but feel like she had a hand in her family's destruction, if she hadn't trusted that monster Indominus Rex to lead her pack then there is a chance they could still be with her right now. This wasn't healthy to continue to think about but there was nothing positive to focus her mind on apart from the fact that the Indominus is no longer a threat to her, just making her think about the ones she grew up with even more. Delta, Charlie, Echo, so young and smart, taken away by her stupid decision to follow that unholy creations orders.

Loud, heavy footsteps sounded behind the burly Velociraptor. She took her time to finished off the processed meat that she had scavenged from behind the counter, expecting to meet the friendly gaze of Rexy the Tyrannosaurus but when she whipped her head towards the sound, the familiar glacier white scales that made her heart burn with rage shimmered in the moonlight as the beastly experiment towered over her, smothering the raptor in her shadow.

"You!" the female screeched, backing away from the massive figure, "how are you still alive you monster?!"

"Please relax Blue, I don't want to fight you. I just want to talk" the carnivore stated calmly.

"Bullshit!" the small therapod snapped, the Indominus flinching at her harsh tone, "you're a psychopath Indominus, a murderer. You aren't a dinosaur you're a demon, pure evil. You killed all my sisters, you have no empathy and I don't want anything to do with you apart from aid in your demise!"

Blue's words generally upset the hybrid and the grey dinosaur could see the sadness in her eyes. She was glad that some sense was finally knocked into that thick skull of hers.

"Fine. What the hell do you want?" the female hissed, metaphorically strangling herself for even hesitating to attack.

 The Indominus was about to begin talking when they hear a loud roar as the thundering footfalls that only the queen herself was able to produce came closer and closer. Rexy charged at the rival apex carnivore who tried to shift out of the way but stumbled on her injured leg. The tyrant lizard rammed her head right into the other's side, sending the creature crashing down to the floor. Rexy placed her foot on the Indominus' neck and was ready to finish the job.

"Rexy wait" Blue chirped. The queen turned her head towards the small predator and cocked it. "I want to know what she has to say first" she continued, the white dinosaur's eyes lighting up when she heard it.

"Yeah OK, but i'm watching you" the Tyrannosaur snarled.

"Come on then, spit it out, what is it?" Blue questioned.

"I came here because I wanted to apologise" the Hybrid started, this grabbing the beta raptor's interest. "When I was at the edge of the water, for the first time in my life I felt scared, and it gave me time to reflect on all the horrible things that i've done. I've slaughtered, i've manipulated and i've torn relationships and families apart. What they did to me in that lab, it's turned me into something that I never wanted to become. I've acted on pure emotion instead of rational thought and look what that has lead to." The raptor looked down a little, she was actually having to think about this and it pained her. "Blue, I wouldn't know what it's like to lose somebody you love, I mean I killed my own damn sister for Christ's sake" the Indominus stuttered with a nervous chuckle, "but I know that you must be drowned in sorrow at the moment. I regret killing your siblings, and I'm sorry. I can't expect you to forgive me, but I really do want to change, and i'm hoping that-"

"I've heard enough" the Velociraptor interrupted. "finish her off Rexy."

There was so many things that the snowy white monster wanted to say to her, but in pure fear and heartbreak, all she could do was stammer out "w-what?" as the Tyrannosaurus walked towards her body. Even the queen seemed a bit confused by what Blue had said, but obliged anyway. Rexy grabbed hybrid by the throat in her mouth and began to drag her across main street. "Blue, please" the Indominus begged as Rexy and her began to near a broken parasol that was sticking out from a crack in ground. The raptor just turned her head away from her in defiance of her pleas. Rexy hoisted her up slightly before slamming the dinosaur down on the jagged pole. The metal pierced her hide and became visible once more as it came out the other side of her neck. The Indominus twitched violently as blood trickled out from her mouth before going limp.

"Good riddance" Blue stated before skittering off down the road. The Tyrannosaur took one look at the Indominus' unmoving corpse before strolling off in the other direction of the small carnivore. The hybrid dinosaur died trying to redeem herself, she could only hope that her sister could accept her sincerest apologies in the afterlife.

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