Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

"Can't you keep them quiet?! We're trying to recharge!" Ratchet roared, storming into the main room where Bumblebee was trying to hush crying sparklings. The sports car made a few desperate bleeps, holding Knockout up for Ratchet to take. "I don't think so!"  

There were a few more buzzes and clicks. 

"So they just woke up and started crying?"  

Bumblebee made a few beeps and nodded.  

"I think they need a good refuel." Ratchet said, looking at how lackluster Knockout's optics were. "Stay there. I will get some energon for them."  

Ratchet returned with three bottles of filtered energon, handing two to Bumblebee whisk he took the third. Picking up Starscream, the grouchy medic offered the bottle to him. Starscream hushed and reached out for the bottle with tiny claws, optics curious.  

"Hurry up already!" Ratchet snapped, glaring at the Seekerling. Starscream winced and started sobbing again, curling up hiding behind his claws like he thought he would be hit.  

"Ratchet! Come on, you can't yell at him all the time!" Smokescreen's voice growled from behind the medic. He quickly took Starscream from Ratchet's arms and snatched up the bottle as well. "He's nervous, is all."  

Starscream latched onto the bottle the moment it was close enough, suckling quietly while Ratchet fumed. This was madness! They were doting over killers and backstabbers! He shot another glare at the two for good measure before stomping off to his room to attempt to get some recharge.  

"What's gotten into him?" Smokescreen asked, raising an optic ridge at Bumblebee. Bumblebee made a few whirs and shrugged. No one would ever really know what Ratchet was thinking. All one could do was go along with it.  


"Jackie, you came!" Bulkhead laughed, crushing his old friend in a tight hug. Wheeljack grinned and clapped him hard on the back when they pulled apart.  

"I had to see this for myself! Are you telling me you have three of the nastiest Cons in your grasp?"  

"They aren't too nasty now..." Smokescreen chuckled, pulling all three of the sparklings from their little box. "Here they are, the all powerful and dangerous Decepticons!" he snorted, passing Megatron over to Wheeljack.  

"You gotta be kidding me! Is this actually Megatron?!" Wheeljack yelped, looking down at the tiny creature that was the former warlord. The silver mechling made a soft mewl and stared up at the new face with untainted blue optics.  

"That's him. We have no idea how it happened, but we have all of them except for Soundwave." Bulkhead explained, taking Megatron back.  

"What are you going to do with them now?"  

"Keep them, I guess. Until they get dangerous, anyways." 

"Sparklings? Become dangerous? Highly unlikely." Wheeljack laughed as Megatron nestled into his chest plating. "Even this fragger is cute. I hate to admit it."  

Knockout let loose a happy squeal when he finished his energon, squirming around in Bee's arms like crazy. Bumblebee made a few nervous beeps and set him down on the floor before he dropped the tiny sparkling. The scarlet sports car giggled and was instantly running to see Optimus who was just padding into the room.  

"Opi!" Starscream squealed, optics bright. Optimus nodded, a thin smile playing at his lips. For being rather emotionless, it was hard to keep up the Prime facade when sparklings were involved. Parental programming was strong despite his best efforts to suppress it.