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Anyone who has a love for writing has probably wondered how they could improve it.

I had to write two novels for assignments back when I was 11 and 12, so by now I have some advice. :)

1. Plan, plan, plan!

This one is a super important thing to do so that you'll stay focused on the ultimate result of your story. Once you plan, you'll have a good idea on what your characters are like, how you'll develop your characters and the plot, and also the plot for your story.

2. Become your own autocorrect.

For the most part, I notice many of my mistakes as I write. As a result, I'm usually good at proofreading. However, this habit might take a while to come about, since English is a very confusing language.

3. Find a website to help proofread.

This option is definitely easier than having to proofread yourself. Plus, it'll catch more than you will as you'll be oblivious to some mistakes. I use Grammarly and Scribens for this purpose. (I'm pretty sure Scribens is just a website.) However, don't get too carried away! These websites might offer you a suggestion that makes no sense, so be cautious of that.

4. Show, don't tell.

This is quite possibly the most annoying phrase on earth, and most English teachers have probably said something about this. (I literally had a teacher send me a whole article on this...XD) In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll clarify.

Let's say you write something like this: "Taylor had blue eyes that everyone loved, brown shiny hair, and everyone loved her."

That is an example of telling. You're flat out telling us things about this character.

Instead, try this: "'Really? We're going on vacation?' Taylor squealed, her bright blue eyes sparkling with joy."

You could also add the hair part somewhere in there. The everyone loved her part could be shown by how the characters express themselves when they see Taylor.

5. Be comfortable.

Finally, just find what works for you. Find a nice place to write, music, or anything that helps inspire you. It's easier to write if you're relaxed.

I hope this helped you out! :)

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