Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

Ross swivelled on the executive leather chair in his study, his feet up on his desk, cradling a glass of scotch. I wonder what she's doing right now? His thoughts on his attractive secretary as he rolled his whisky glass across his lips. Maybe he should go out, it was only ten at night. Perhaps he could find somebody tonight to rid him of his incessant thoughts away from the woman he wanted in his bed but should not. On second thoughts, a vigorous swim, he decided and summarily rose to his feet, aiming in the direction of his Olympic size indoor heated pool on the lower level.

'Ross open up,' there was a rapid thumping on his front door. 'Ross! Ross! Ro__.'

'Carina! What the hell?' He unkindly jerked her inside the entrance hall. 'Are you trying to give Mrs. Dawes a heart attack? His eyes bore into her ferociously.

'Darling__,' she threw her arms around his neck. 'You're not answering my calls.'

Ross groaned silently. He'd seen her three calls and ignored them. He was so not in the mood for Carina tonight. He silently hoped she would not attempt to put his prowess to the test. Even if she stripped down to her black lacy suspenders and belly danced up the fire pole for him, he would not be able to get it up for her.

'Baby___I miss you,' her palms held his face in place as her tongue darted into his mouth. 'Make love to me baby___right here on your table,' Carina's speedy fingers were sliding his zip down.

'Stop it Carina!' He shoved her away, slicing the back of his hand across his lips. 'We're finished.'

Her eyes widened, filled with sudden fear. 'What!' she shrieked. 'You don't mean that Ross,' her arms were imprisoning him again. 'We're good together baby,' she pressed against him, moulding her pelvis to his. 'I know you still want me,' she laughed victoriously, when he did not shove her away the second time. Her mouth closed over his again.

'You're wrong!' He held her at arm's length, gripping her shoulders painfully. 'It's over Carina,' his eyes held hers dangerously, making sure she understood him.

'I'm sorry Ross,' she turned on the waterworks. 'Please___forgive me,' she wailed. 'I was wrong to give you that ultimatum. Take me back,' she begged.

'Leave!' he instructed, turning his back on her. He hated tears. He hated crocodile tears even more.

'It's that bloody secretary of yours isn't it?' Carina screamed, 'just because she's more beautiful that I am and younger. I hate her!' Carina screamed even louder. 'She rules your life and I see how you come alive every time she damn calls you!'

'Get out!' Ross yanked the door opened and shoved her outside into the blistering cold. He bolted the door shut, walked back to his study, activating the feature promptly ensuring Carina's number was blocked from getting through on his cell phone.

'Hello...' Savannah mumbled sleepily into the handset. She groaned silently at being disturbed so late at night. Her sleepy eyes barely opened to look at the digital clock on her beside stand. Eleven twenty three.


She scampered out of bed as if he was in front of her. 'Yes Mr. Templeton,' Still clutching the handset, she slowly lowered herself back into bed. Why was he calling her so late at night? And he had not called her mobile. He'd used her private line.

'Where is the product report you were supposed to email to me before you left Savannah?'

Damn! 'Sir___remember the network was down.'

'I pay you a fortune, to fix problems Savannah. Did you not bother calling I.T. to resolve whatever the bloody hell was wrong?' he growled.

Savannah recoiled, holding the phone slightly away from her ear. For heaven's sake, can't you wait till the morning? It's almost midnight!

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