Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight...

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The video shooting lasted for about 2 weeks. Ed helped a lot. He told me that Niall was waiting for this to happen for almost half a year. He wanted it to be something special. And when he heard that i want to go to Australia and that we were making the video there he decided of a way to propose.

It was 2 weeks since the proposal and I still couldn't help but smile everytime i looked down at my ring. It was gorgeous. Of course everyone special to me already knew aboput it. My mother, Elena, Eleanor and Danielle... I even called Mary Ann. Niall called his mum and Greg, the boys and some of his friends from back home.

After Joshua told us that the shooting is finnished I couldn't wait to see the video. But Niall told everyone that we're on our honeymoon now so NO VIDEOS FOR 2 WEEKS! So everyone involved just packed everything up and flew back to US. I had a feeling I'm gonna enjoy these 2 weeks.

"So what does M'lady want to do this fine evening?"

I giggled.

"I dont know. Maybe we could just stay in? Watch movies?"

"You always wanna do that! Lets go out tonight?"

I checked the time. It was 8pm.

"Well good luck finding a free table in any of the restaurants."

"Don't have to. Already made reservations a few days ago."

He smiled and I had no choice but to go out with him. I wanted to dress really nice. I just hade one of those days when I wanna look perfect. My clothes were all over the room when I finnished searching for a perfect dress.

"Ni !!!!!!"

"Yeah babe?"

"I dont have anything to wear!"

"Have you seen your room lately? Its full of clothes!"

"But I need something special!"

He didn't say anything after that. I just figured he didn't want anything to do with it. When it came to girl stuff he backed away as soon as he could. So I just walked around the room, checking out some tops. Blue, yellow? Its so hard!I hear a knock on the door.

"Ni, could you get that?"




I sighed and walked towards the door. When I opened them a girl, about my age, barged into the room with at least 20 different dresses.

"Hi, I'm Lorena. Niall called me and said you have a wardrobe crisis."

I laughed and introduced myself.

"So first, yellow really fits your skin colour but also I think white could go well with your hair. nad some black heels. Or silver! and some jewelery. Of course it has to be something that will maqtch the ring. Speaking of it can I have a look?"

After she had an about 5 minute look of the ring we went back to my room and got me dressed up. At the end when I made my hair and make up, I kinda looked like a mix between Demi and Miley. I was wearing a short white puffy dress with a black belt. Lorena gave me some black heels. Not too high. I dont wanna kill myself. I also took a black blazer from the stuff Elena left behind after she went to Romania. I kinda borrowed some of her clothes. Oops.

"You look amazing!"

I smiled and went over to the mirror.

"Oh, wait! There's still something you need to have before you look 100% perfect!"

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