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Thanks for taking a moment to peruse this story, The Left Hand of Light. The story is now complete.

Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts along this journey. Who knows, you may leave your mark on some part of the story should I revise it again in the future.

I should note: A small but important part of this book deals with the topic of abortion. I realize how sensitive a topic this is. This book is not intended to sway your opinion one way or the other. Or to imply judgement of anyone. It is merely one fictional person's experience.

This story also broaches—albeit briefly—the topic of suicide. If you or anyone you know is going through something like this then reach out to anyone who will listen—who will hear. Talk until you think everyone is tired of hearing you talk. Then talk some more. Don't give up hope. Find your light. If you feel lost, then make your own light with your own fire. You have this power within you. And—I cannot stress this enough—stop sharing your fire with those who only wish to take it from you.

Thanks for reading and for voting!

Yours in Darkness and in Light,

Christopher Vera

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