Untitled Halo Project 2

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Following "Halo: Cape Town," my cousin and I began working on a second major Halo project, this time written in a much more novelized format. There was an entire subplot dedicated to a Saber unit known as Obelisk Squadron, but I believe I will ditch that in favor of the much more interesting main storyline (although they may get a shoutout).

This story, also split into two books, follows a team of Marines who are sent into a war that places them far outside of their element. After the deaths of their respective squads, 5 Marines from 3 different units find themselves stuck together within the remains of a broken city on an alien planet. They must work to either survive, or escape, as they deal with some incredibly intense scenarios. They encounter fallen ONI agents, a Yohnet mercenary team, insane cannibals, and a special Elite team known simply as "The Cursed."

The second book finds the surviving characters imprisoned on a Covenant DDS cruiser belonging to a semi-rogue Elite Shipmaster known as the "Prophet's Bane." He is creator of The Cursed Elites, superhuman zombies compared to their much weaker counterparts. This time, just surviving will not be enough, as no one has been sent to save them. No one even knows their alive. As they work for formate a plan, the Prophet's Bane reveals why he earned his title, and what insane tools and monsters he has stowed away on his capital ship...

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