Untitled Halo Project 1

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I have been writing since I was pretty young, and one of my first big works was a collab my cousin and I did on a story we called "Halo: Cape Town." Now, the title will definitely need an update, as will the lore and characters. And we will have to change it from more of a script format to a book format, but I do think it has potential to be a pretty epic and fun story.

Essentially, we follow a Spartan unit known as Gold Team, who has been stranded in lower Africa. The events of Halo 3 have already taken place, but due to a storm created by the portal to The Ark, all communications to the Mega-City Cape Town have been severed. A large Covenant attack force, unaware of their loss, plans to kill millions in a last ditch effort to appease the Prophets for their transgressions. And Gold Team, consisting of Spartans Jarrod, Bucky, Perrive, and the Elite "Edge," work with the final bastion of hope for Cape Town, Fort Hughes, to protect the innocent and end the bloody war for Earth once and for all.

The series consists of two books, with the second following Gold Team and a new ragtag crew of freedom fighters as they attempt to take down the New Human Alliance Republic (NHAR), a powerful insurrection that has risen to power following the battle of Cape Town. The NHAR and their own Spartans, known as the 6 Trojans, pose a threat that our team has never seen before. Can they disband this terrorist organization before they further severe the ties between the Elites and Humans now dwelling within the war torn remains of South Africa?

Stay tuned for more!

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