Douglas’ brought the attention back to him with a rather loud clearing of his throat. “As Kendrick has surely explained there has been a little incident that we wish to cover, and you have so…” Douglas spluttered to a stop as Artair stood. He could not keep himself still at this very moment. He had to move, if not he felt like he would have to peel his very skin from his bones in order to finally feel as if he did not want to escape from his own body. It felt too tight for him, and he really did not want to carry on with this whole charade. “Lord Douglas, Kendrick has told me nothing on this. In fact I had to hear of whom I was betrothed to from another source entirely. No offence to you or your family, but I want no part of this at all.” He made sure the last was spoken with finality and while looking directly into Lord Douglas’ eyes.


                So he had the pleasure of seeing them widen, before his face went a peculiar shade of grey before a purple tinge took over, bypassing red completely. As the anger sparked his eyes, he pushed himself to standing, not even making a dent in the pose that Artair struck. “You would go back on your word?”


                He had to take some deep breaths before he could find it within himself to not give into temptation and lay the old fellow out. “Actually I never gave my word. It was Kendrick who seemed to do that for me, and if it was his word then I suppose he is the one that can keep it. Because I want no part of this. I was going to try and do this tactfully, but I see that will not work, so instead I will tell you plainly. Your daughter is not the one I want, there is another which I intend to make my own, and Kendrick knew that. I do intend to find out why he set up this match without my consultation. But I am here to end this here and now.” His jaw hardened to stone as he finished, staring down the male who wished to be his father-in-law.


                Douglas went through some varying degrees of colours from red to purple and back again. Every colour on the spectrum seems to have been reached by the time it had settled on a mottled texture. “Kendrick was my first choice, and you were not good enough for my daughter under normal circumstances. But Kendrick, alas cannot marry my daughter, therefore it must fall to you to fulfil his promise.” He raised a fluffy eyebrow. “Are you really going to make a dishonourable man out of a friend who is going to be the next Laird of his clan? You really want me to speak of him in such a way that no one of influence will want to seek him out, or deal with his clan?” The superior expression and tilt of his chin gave Artair a perfect target for his clenched fist. But instead, he breathed deeply, and took a moment to glance back at Kendrick.


                The fool himself had his head in his hands. Shaking it slowly back and forth, to a rhythm that was all his own. What had Kendrick gotten himself into here? He really did not have the time to work this out. With narrowed eyes he turned back towards Lord Douglas. “What are you holding over Kendrick? What is it that you know or want?” There was something going on underneath this all. And without that being sorted nothing he wanted could be achieved.

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