Chapter three

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Chapter three

        After my brother calmed down we tried to figure out what to do. I thought we should go to the police station since it wasn't that far from. But Jenny thought that we should go over her best friend house since we didn't have anyone else. After for some time arguing we compromised; we would go to the police first and then head over to Katie's place. 

        I decided that it would be best for us to get cleaned up first because obviously it wouldn't be smart to leave out covered in blood. Since I was the oldest I had my own room along with bathroom while the twins had to share a bathroom. So jenny and I went up first going different directions while Tanner went to his room. 

        I went to my room first and picked something out to wear. Going into the bathroom I closed the door with a sigh. I went and stood in front of the mirror and sat the clothes down. The girl that stood in front of me looked rough, like a completely different person. My shoulder length brown hair was a complete mess, sticking out everywhere. My eyes just looked like I'd just been through hell and in a way I had. 

        I really hoped going to the police helped us out. I needed some sort of control in my life right now as everything was spinning out of control. I wouldn't know what to do if going there failed us; I mean going to Katie's house could help us. Her father was ex- military and a total gun freak so if anyone could help us it was them. With one last look in the mirror at the person I was changing into, I hopped into the shower.  

        After about twenty minutes I stepped out the bathroom in way better clothes than the Pajamas I had on. I was Dressed in a long sleeved grey v-neck, blue skinny jeans, and some black timberlands. My hair was combed and tamed in a ponytail. I saw my sister step out of her room down hall with an annoyed look on her face. 

        "About time; you take forever, you know that? And what the hell are you wearing? You do not match at all!" 

        At that I tilted my head to the side at her. Did something as little as fashion matter to her when her parents just died? I could tell she was trying so hard to hide her emotions by putting on this stupid act. I shook my head at her and let it slide. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a cute white sweater, and some knee high brown boots. She also had her long hair in a French braid. 

        I didn't really see what was wrong with what I had on but whatever. I shrugged my shoulders. 

        "Where's Tanner?" I asked walking into my room to grab my black hoodie and started to slip it on. She followed after me. 

        "He's downstairs. And please tell me you are not planning on wearing that?" she said, disgust clear on her face. I ignored her and walked past her, going downstairs with her quickly in tow behind me. 

        Tanner was waiting on the couch in a batman hoodie and sweat pants with regular gym shoes and he was holding on to a red leather jacket. He glanced up at us with bloodshot eyes before looking away. I knew he wasn't going to talk to us anytime soon so I didn't even try. Jen went over and took the jacket from him. 

        "So are you guys ready?" I asked just wanting to hurry up and get this over with. They both nodded and stood. I turned to go when a thought came to mind. I froze and looked back at them. 

        "Guys what if the same thing that happened to dad and the Daniels actually is in the rest of the town? We can't just go out there without anything, what do we do?" I asked concerned. Jenny's confidence slipped into uneasiness for a few seconds before the mask slipped back in place. 

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