02| Peaches and Phones

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The first few classes of the day were boring for Tony. They consisted of playing small games to get to know each others names and just about everyone. Tony knew most of these people since the 4th grade, so what was the point? He just spent most of the day on his phone.

Although he was lucky enough to have almost the same schedule as his best friend, Bruce. They had all the same classes together except second period and math.

"Hey Tony, next hour is Mr. Avery, you know how strict he is about phones," Bruce warned Tony with a soft voice. The last thing his best friend needed was to get in trouble on the first day of school. Tony slipped his phone into his back pocket.

"You don't know that, this will be our first time talking to him," Tony replied back as they walked to class. All they needed to do was get through this class and then they got to go to lunch. Tony was craving a burrito.

"But we both know about the warnings from Rhodey," Rhodey was Tonys other best friend who was a class higher than him, a senior. They always made fun of him for being in a friend group with "lower" class men.

"What is he going to do? Give me detention on the first day?"

Yes, Bruce wanted to reply but he didn't. God why was Tony so difficult about this. Why did he put up with him again?

"Can't you just not go on your phone for once? It's only an hour."

"But Brucieeee, that's so long!" Tony pouted, a small smirk resting on his face. Bruce smiled and shook his head. Oh yeah, that's why he put up with Tony.

"Ahh Tony did you finally reveal your undying love for Bruce?" Natasha asked, walking into step with the two guys.

"Ahh how'd you know? That obvious?" Tony asked with a wink. Bruce laughed a little before opening the classroom door and holding it open for his two friends. They both walked in and Nat smiled at him for a thanks, which was enough for Bruce.

Tony took a seat in the back and Natasha and Bruce followed, sitting beside him. They talked for a while since the teacher was talking to another teacher.

"Are we keeping up the tradition?" Bruce asked Tony crooked his head to the side a little in question.

"What tradition?" Which tradition Tony should've said. Their group had quit a few things that they did as a pattern. "The one where we go to the diner every Friday night?"

They had this diner that Tony liked to call their diner. It was kind of a retro style diner that they never saw anyone younger than forty go to beside them. They called it "Bingo Diner" since it attracted more elder people but it was really called "DelCarmenies." Tony mostly stuck to saying their diner though.

"Well I meant going to get ice cream after the first day of school, but also that," Bruce replied and glanced at Natasha who was kind of zoned out.

"That's not really a tradition," Tony said back and was so tempted to pull out his phone. Most of the time he did it as a reflex or habit instead of actually wanting to go on his phone. He resisted the urge since he knew Bruce wouldn't be happy.

"We did it last year?"

"Yeah we did it last year only so that's not a tradition," Bruce sighed.

"Okay fine. Are we going to go get ice cream after school just like we did last year?"

"Yes," Tony said with a smile and Bruce rolled his eyes. Tony only really did stuff to mess with his friends, it was very entertaining.

"Hey over here!" Natasha called and both Bruce and Tony looked over to who she was talking to.

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