Futanari Elf Route

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You were so happy to see the update. And the new update was an Elf Futa Doujin. You were pleased and excited and started to read the doujin and to walk back home at the same time.

You always fantasise about girls with dick for a long time. You don't hate girls at all. In fact, you love girls, but you still see regular sex every day on the net, and it just becomes so boring and dull. But one day you were browsing around on the net, you stomp upon the Hentai site that contains Futanari girls, which mean that these girls both have dick and pussy at the same time. You can't help but get aroused just by thinking about this beautiful creature. But now you think that if I dickgirls. Does that make me gay? No. not at all. Because 90% of there body are female and 10% are male. Plus they have breasts, and they look like a girl no matter what, just that they an extra attachment on their body which makes them extra hot.

And so you are browsing around again and found monster girls. You saw like mermaids, lamia, centaur, and all another monster girl. You also got aroused by these girls as well. Now you are confused. Why would you get excited by these none existed girls? You look at the dickgirls and monster girls for a while. To find the reason why. You get aroused and hard for them. Then it hit you. You finally know why.

Because it was not normal, that was the reason. You have a fetish for none normal girls.

And from that point on you start to fantasise about these exotic girls and another wired extra on them.

You were still reading the doujin about Futa Elf on a human male. You love the artwork of this author so much. The drawing shows a sexy futa Elf was an absolute pleasure. She was grabbing both of her D cup breasts, squeezing them until breasts milk spits out of her hard nipples. While her male human partner happy sucking her long elf cock. See all this you can't help but get hard by this. And envy that male human. He wishes that he could suck those hot female dick.

As you so focused on the doujin, so suddenly heard a loud noise.

HOOOOOOOOK!! (candidate found!!) HOOOOOOOOOK! ( commencing world transfer!)

You saw a truck coming straight toward you, and for some reason, you can't move your body at all. Also, you realise that you in the middle of the road. You so focused your hentai that you did not know that you were crossing the street. You then suddenly remember something you don't need to cross the street to get to your home.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOk!!!!!! (Have a nice life!!!!!!)

It was too late. Your body few in the air. Lifeless. Your mind was utterly blackout into the emptiness.

A few minutes of darkness later.....

"HOLYYYYYY SHITTTT!!!" You suddenly wake up. You look your hand, arm and the rest of your body. And sigh in relief "Oh Thank god am aliv-! You stop halfway when you realise that you were not laying on the street, but on the ground makes of white cotton candy...... "Well..........Shit!"

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