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So i realized that i didnt leave an author note at the end of the last chapter but i just wanted to say i am so sorry that i didnt get to update yesterday. I was in the middle of updating when my mom said we had to leave so i didnt get to finish the update. Again i am so sorry so tomorrow ivwill be updating two chapters because i missed an update. Next week when school starts back i might not be able to update every day but i will try. Read my friend Summer Mills' books One shots and Life is a place of no escape. Follow me on twitter @tomogirl4ever and follow Summer on twitter @luvsinging1 vote and comment. Thank you and here is the daily joke.

Remember when Louis told the joke why did the mushroom go to the party? Yeah? Well i think its funny how when you tell it to someone else that isnt a directioner they dont think its funny but i feel like im going to die from laughing.

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