Chapter 6

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Maia could hear Sutton's car horn blaring from her bedroom. She quickly grabbed her favorite pair of heels and her mini leather backpack and flew down the stairs to meet her.

"Bye auntia!" Maia called out before she left out the front door.

Once she made it to her walkway Sutton finally let off the horn. Making the sound of heels clicking on the walkway seem to echo through the neighborhood.

Maia opens to passenger side door and hopes in the front seat.

"And you wonder why my neighbors hate you." Maia tells her as she pulls her seatbelt across her lap.

Sutton scoffs. "They wouldn't hate me if you would be ready on time!"

"I was ready on time! You were waiting like a whole thirty seconds!" Maia says, but she can't help but laugh.

"Well, at least you look hot as fuck." Sutton remarks as she puts the car in drive and pulls onto the road.

Maia laughs. "Same to you, boo boo."

Sutton smiles at the pet name. "So what are we up to first today?" She asks keeping her eyes on the road.

Maia had only one thing on her mind, but she didn't want to give Sutton work to do within the first five minutes, plus she wanted some time with her best friend. "You pick." She tells her. "Whatever you want to do. I'm down."

Sutton gives her a look that says she will regret those words later.

"Your wish is my command." She says with a devilish grin.


"Tattoos?" Maia asks. "Of all the things to do today you choose to get tattoos?"

"Yup." Sutton says with a shrug.

Sutton already had many tattoos. Ranging anywhere from roses to a tiger to skulls and swirls of beautiful artwork. Maia thought they looked badass on Sutton of course. But she never thought she could pull it off the way Sutton does. And she also wasn't sure how her body would react to being repeatedly stabbed with a needle. Would her fast healing abilities and super strength effect her ability to get a tattoo. I guess chose today to find out.

Sutton hands Maia a binder. "Here, look through this and see if there's anything you like."

Maia slinks down on the cushioned chair and opens the binder. Flipping through the pages, already intimidated by the numerous options.

Maia let's out a sigh.

"Find anything you like yet?" Sutton asks, sitting down in the chair next to her.

"I don't know." She says shaking her head. "Aren't tattoos suppose to, I don't know, have some sort of meaning behind them?"

"Sometimes." Sutton says with a shrug. "Or sometimes people just choose things because they like them and they make them feel good about themselves." She explains.

Something that made her feel good about herself. Now that might me tricky.

"Don't over think it." Sutton says because she knows that's exactly what Maia will do.

Maia is about half way through the binder when she one of the drawings catches her eye. She reads a poem underneath it and it immediately brings a smile to her faces.

She reaches over tapping Sutton's shoulder. She leans over to look at the tattoo she's chosen reading the poem along the bottom.

"Its perfect." She says, sharing a look of understanding. Then she jumps up, looking like she might vibrate out of skin for excitement.

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