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"Where is everyone running off too?" The blonde says while holding a cup in one hand

" The cops are all over this shit and if some of us arrested who stays at the College dorms we are gonna literally fuck ourselves over" The girl says as she continues making her way out of the crowded house.

" Who the hell lives here, they gotta be fucking rich" She downs the rest of her drink and discards the cup.

" Oops I'm sorry" The girl giggles. " I'm trying to find my friend so i can get a ride back to the dorms. I'll probably kill myself if I drive" She gulps

" I can give you a ride" The blonde says

" How do I trust you I've never seen you around here?"

" Which one would you rather killing yourself or allowing me to get you there safely?"

She shrugs

" That's what I thought, let's go" She grabs her hand and leads her through the crowd of students. " Rich spoiled college kids" She mumbles under her breath. She opens the car door making sure she gets inside safely.

" So what's your name my knight and shining armour" The younger girl winks

" Amanda, Amanda Riley"

" I'm Normani, everyone calls me Mani" She extends a hand which she takes in her own.  " Nice to meet you now let's get you to your dorms safe and sound" She says while putting the car in drive.

" Do you stay on campus too?" Normani says

" Nah I have an appartment, the dorms thing it's not me, I cant with that"

" Tell me about it I've been working my ass off so I can get my own apartment and get out of there I swear my room mate is a weirdo"

" Here drink this to sober up" She passes a bottle of water to her.

" Thank you, you're a saviour, I should make you my bestfriend" She winks while taking a swig of her water bottle.

There you have it another Norminah.

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