Part 1

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Fab 5 after winning The Talent Hunt. NH3   stood runner up. Harshad leave from there angrily & navya think that nandini has done so they are not winning & ignore harshad mistake but not believing completely. Other side Fab 5 goes to green room.

Manik:- See i told uh na no one beat fab 5

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Manik:- See i told uh na no one beat fab 5. See now once again we all are together.
Dhruv:- Manik uh want Fab 5 together.
Manik:- Ofcourse Buddy, we all are together (smiling while looking at nandini is just at the door of green room with navya)
Next sentence is bomb on both nandini & manik.
Dhruv:-  If uh want be with us then leave nandini. Then we all are together.
Cabir, mukti &navya don't know what to do & not.
Aliya:- Ya manik dhruv is saying right cos of this bloody minded b****h u are going apart from fab 5.

This make cabir & mukti think she is actually right manik is not give so time to fab 5 after nandini came in their life. Navya also thinking she is the solo reason of not winning the talent hunt. Nandini and navya is going to step in green room where they heard a shout from dhruv.

Dhruv:- Stop there uh bitch. Manik she is only behind ur money. First she give wrong signal to harshad than she relaised that he is opposite of us so leave him. Than make me her friend & giving me wrong signal when i propose her she said i m her friend only, she realise that i m not that rich. Then she decided to fall a trap for uh & uh are falling in her trap. Only god know how many boys life she should play or shall be playing. She just want ur bloody money. She is just a s**t.

Listening this nandini is sliently crying& manik just close his eyes listen all this against his star, he want to say its all wrong. Nandini just looking manik for some hope.  But next which she hear is making her numb.

Navya:- U r right dhruv. Only coz of her we loose the competition & Harshad ji got hurt. Manik u choose ur friendship she is not worthy of ur lover.

Aliya:-She manik now her best friend also telling uh to choose us. For this bloody s**t we broke up. She is coming between us always now she is taking away from us. She just want money manik.
Manik:-I can't cho..... se bu...ddy... I just... ca.....n't.Pl...eas.... e do...n't do Please.
Mukti:- Manik we are childhood friend why are uh thinking so much to choose us. She is not capable for uh. Just leave her. I know she help me alot but i can't break fab 5, i have only u as family.
( she doesn't have any problem of manik & nandini relationship but after her parents death fab 5 is only her family, she  already a broken soul i.e. she can't break fab 5 )

Manik just starting nandini who is crying. He has last hope as cabir. Cos he doesn't want to hurt fab 5 nor nandini.
Nandini has little hope toward manik & nandini.

Dhruv:- Cabir u don't wanna say anything than manik make just final decision.
Cabir:- Yaar manik i know about ur feeling toward her but u are getting apart from fab 5 from music. I know that this all are saying is completely wrong but yaar i can't compromise on our career life. We are together from childhood. We all together for each. We all are know as one for all, all for one. So please don't leave fab 5 i requested uh. Just forget her uh will get better than her..

Listening this from cabir all hope are shattered of nandini & manik. Now nandini is crying in mess she just little hope for manik. Before performance manik give her promise that he never leave her in any Suitation.After some time manik not speaking anything fab 4 say last thing to him & navya.

Aliya:- Navya if uh want to friend with us than u should leave this bitch.
Navya:- I m already leaving nandini.
Aliya:- U should come in than.
Dhruv:- Manik for last time i m saying this Fab 5 or Nandini?
Fab 4 :- Haa manik choose now Us Or Her?

But next sentence is bomb for Nandini. She just can't believe this.

Manik:- If u all want this than i will choose Fab 5 over Nandini.

Hearing this nandini all hopes all trust are just shattered. She is not lost her love but also her best friend. She just walk to manik and

All are just shocked seeing this.

Nandini:- Manik just a hour ago u promise me something but u never fulfill ur promise. First u ask me get video from  harshad of mukti. Then uh just leave me  coz of dhruv, saying that he keep me more happier that soha case i help uh alot but when i speak truth which i saw uh just broke up saying that u can't trust me. I know we have some trust issues but that also coz of uh only. Then realising the actual truth u coming to ask forgiveness. Now this happen. U always do this to me. I m not Important person in ur life. U bloody just take me for granted. Now not any more.

And storm out of greenroom. Manik is breaking pieces. Just he heard aliya.

Aliya:- Cool then that bloody s**t is already leave we should party & navya u also come with us.

Manik:- Guys uh carrying on i have headache i m going home for some rest.
Fab 4 :- Ok meet u tomorrow for group study.
Manik:- Guys meet directly at exam i m going to pune to meet dad i will study there only.
Fab 4 :- okey.

All leave from respective places.

Nandini is going toward her home when he see harshad in bad state. She goes toward him & help him to his home. She know aliya should be anytime so leaving harshad on gate of his house and leave toward her home. After going home she just crushed to bed & crying in mess.
She woke up in morning & decides to leave this country after her exam. Now only focus towards her study. Giving messages to her family & friends switch off mobile till her exam finish. On other side manik decided to talk to nandini for one time he is calling her but her phone is switch of he goes to her apartment but its lock. At that time nandini is not at home coz she goes to college to meet principle & say him to her decision of leaving college & also tell him that not to tell anyone  & leave from their towards library for study. Whole day she spent in library in night goes to home eat something & sleep. Till evening 6 o'clock manik wait for her but she doesn't come so dishartted he leave to pune.

After 3 week:-
In this 3 week nor Fab 5 & havi(harshad & navya) or nandini face each other they all are in different class for exam. & after finishing exam nandini just goes to home from backside of college that no know can notice her. Today is last exam but in between the xam their is announcement
Of farewell which is in held in evening & everyone should be present their especially the winner & runnerup of the competition of The Talent Hunt. Thank you now continue with ur exam.  Just after sometime her paper is finished she decided go to principle sir & ask for leaving letter for her but principle told her to perform as main lead coz harshad is not going sing coz of cold.Having no chance she is going to come for Farewell. Also told her that their is some surprise for everyone.

What will the surprise?
Is nandini & Fab 5 & Havi as to face off?

Uff long chap.
See uh soon.
Take care.

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