Chapter Four

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A huge thank you to eyesofstarrs for making the fan art! It is beautiful.

"You have to go, Breanna. She will be upset if you miss her party," said Joel, on the phone. It was New Years Eve and Cristal was throwing this huge party to celebrate. To my surprise, she asked Joel to invite me to the party. Why would she invite me to her party? I was just a nobody who ignored most of the students in school, she included. Joel was the only person in school that I talked to who I actually liked.

"Why is she even inviting me?" I asked, leaning against the counter. "She's just trying to be nice and get to know you better," he replied. Trying to be nice? Just last week, I thought I saw her and two other cheerleaders picking on Logan Reynolds about how his new glasses looked. The whole school thought that he was a nerd, but they were the only three who teased him about it. "I don't know, Joel. The last time I saw her, she was teasing Logan." I explained. Then, I covered my mouth. He probably didn't even know that she did that. "What are you talking about?" he asked, confused. "Nothing. I'll go, but only until midnight hits." I said. "I'll call you when I'm on my way to your house," he replied. Afterward, we hung up the phone.

Christmas came and went quickly. It was my third year by myself, so I set the Christmas tree up in my mother's room. Every year, I made a wish, asking if my mother could give a sign if she was here. I wouldn't get anything since it was probably just a myth that she would be here. When I went shopping, I had people stare at me. Have they not seen a fourteen-year-old girl go shopping? I stopped going to see Santa for a Christmas picture because I was just not into it anymore. When Mom died, I lost interest. It was the family tradition for us, but I had no family anymore. I was also getting too old to see Santa and I was afraid of what people would think of me.

At my school, you had to choose your actions wisely. If you made a mistake, you would be teased about it constantly. Logan was an example. He got these hideous wide-rimmed glasses for school and already he had the cheerleaders after him. Luckily, I didn't make any mistakes yet, but I know that I'll make one soon. For Christmas, I bought myself some clothes for my teenage self and then for my adult self. I noticed recently that when I would shift into an adult, my teenage clothes would stay with me. Aunt Abigail had the same experience. I remember what Mom said about it, "During Abigail's teenage years, she had to start buying more clothes. When she shifted into an adult, she had to change clothes because her teenage clothes stretched with her." she explained. Now that it was happening to me, I had to be prepared. I got myself a new cellphone, but I just didn't use it yet. I didn't get much because I had to save as much money as possible. Even though I could age-shift into a sixteen-year-old to get a job, but I'd rather wait the two years when I'm really sixteen.

I pulled myself from my reminiscing stage and checked the time. I know Joel said that he was going to call, but I thought that I would get ready for the party. First, I had to figure out what I was wearing. It's every teenage girl's worst nightmare, but I only ever saw that on TV. I walked into my room and looked inside my closet. I didn't want to wear jeans and a T-shirt. Whenever the school had dances, the girls would always wear short shorts and crop tops. How they got out of trouble, it beats me. I wasn't going to go that far, though. I was different than Cristal and her friends. Girls who dressed like that, in my opinion, were girls who wanted to grab a guy's attention.

I kept looking around in my closet until I saw it. In the very back of my closet, there was this baby blue dress that ended a little bit above the knee. The bottom of the dress had a ripple effect, which looked absolutely beautiful. My mother bought it for me just before she passed away. It was supposed to be for my sweet sixteen party, but I was breaking it out for the party tonight. Underneath the dress, there was a shoe box. Inside, there was a pair of silver, eight-inch heels. Did I want to wear the heels? I mean, I didn't want to look too fancy.

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