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Pen Your Pride

Chatper Twenty-Two

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Chapter Twenty-Two.

It's finally Monday. The day after what seemed like that longest weekend of my life. I haven't even been at school for a minute and I already hate today. Nothing could ever top what happened last night between Noah and I. Though I feel kind of bad inside, I still don't regret kissing him. It's not like he made me kiss him, or lost a bet, we just...kissed, over and over...

As I'm walking in the hallway, I see Hardy at his locker. "Hi, Hardy-Har-Har," I smile at him as I walk past him.

Hardy grabs a book out of his locker. "Hey, Em," he chuckles at my greeting.

It's weird to think about how much I used to hate Hardy, just because he had the whole 'player' act down solid. Knowing that he's not really like that, makes me like him even more. Before, I just put up with him because he was friends with Matt and if I ever wanted to get closer to Matt, his friends were apart of the package. Jared and Leon were always the worst though.

I'm about five steps away from my first class when somebody pulls me into a janitors closet by my waist. By the touch of the person's hands, I know that it's Noah. The touch is too familiar to the first time when kissed for it to be anybody, but him. That's why I'm not even the least bit shocked when he presses me up against the wall and gently crashes his lips into mine.

Even the thought of kissing Noah used to be revolting, but what's the difference between kissing Noah who's apparently bad, to kissing Matt, who's gay?

Noah pulls away after a couple seconds and looks at me. There's a small amount of light coming from a little window that allows us to see each other.

"You know," Noah starts. "I was thinking that Friday night we could go on that date..." he trails off.

I nod, in a daze from his kissing. "I'd like that," I say, letting a smile creep onto my lips. "Where?"

Noah grins. "I can't tell you that," he says, causing me to frown. "But, you should be happy to hear that you that you don't have to get all dressed up. Casual works," he adds.

"Define casual," I reply.

"Pants, a shirt, shoes-preferably without heals, maybe a coat," Noah tells me, being a smartass. "A bra and underwear is only optional though," he jokes.

I shove his shoulder playfully. "You're a perv," I laugh. "I should be in class," I remind him.

"You're so...good," He notes and I don't know whether to take it as an offense or as a compliment. "It's cute though."

Definitely a compliment.

At lunch, as I walk to sit with Matt and I see Hardy sitting at a table alone. He's been alone all day. It's like he's been exiled from everybody because he's gay. Even Matt's been ignoring and avoiding him and they're best friends, just when nobody's looking. How can-

Then it hits me that, I'm treating Noah the same way. If anything, I'm acting just like Matt. Not being seen around Noah because other people wouldn't approve is a total Matt-Move.

I stop in front of the table that Hardy's sitting at, drop my stuff on the table and Hardy gives me a questioningly look as I sit down in front of him.

"Em, what are you doing?" Hardy questions, then taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"Well, Hardy, you said it yourself, I'm a Fag-Hag," I joke, smiling. Hardy stares at me for a couple of seconds, like he's trying to figure something out. "What?" I ask, getting self-conscious.

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