A Child!

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The LOV were on their way back to their base, it was a dark night but the flickering of the Lamp posts was just enough to give them a clear idea of where they were heading.  Toga was skipping humming a song she had heard on the radio whilst Dabi and shigaraki just trudged along the cold hard concrete the only sound that was heard was the drag of feet.

And Toga's constant humming of course. 

On any other mission they would've asked Kurogiri to quickly to use his portal and take them back but sadly during their attack he had taken the most amount of damage, not wanting to cause him any more stress the squad decided to walk. 

"Waaa sniff sniff!"

"Did you hear that" Shigaraki stopped suddenly but because it was so sudden and he was in front of everyone Toga accidentally skipped right  into him the force making the younger villain fall right on top of the other.

"Hear what Shiggy?" she said leaning toward his face a yandere vibe smile plastered on her face.

"Get the hell of me Toga" forcefully pushing Toga off him as she landed face first into the ground. "Of course you wouldn't hear you were to busy messing AROUND!"


"I think I can hear it now." Dabi said in bored tone whilst helping Shigaraki of the floor.

Toga jumped up and squealed, "I think it's a cat, if it's a cat I'm keeping it and calling it Mi and then later on in it's life it might meet a male cat called Nana, have baby kitties and..ouch! What was that for Dabi!"

Dabi had knocked her head with his back hand and shushed her. 

"It's coming from that direction, And it doesn't sound like a 'cat' Toga, follow me." With that the LOV followed behind shigaraki as the cries got louder and louder until they reached a small soggy cardboard box which seemed to be the source of the noise.

Shigaraki peeered inside his blood shot eyes met with small teary green ones. Inside the box was a  child, no more than 5 months,  curled up in a single muddy blanket and clutching a small All Might teddy as if his life depended on it, his tiny face tomato red  scrunched up as he bawled his little heart out. 

Shigaraki just stared at the kid. He looked so delicate and fragile as if one touch might break him, even without his quirk! He hadn't realized that he was keeping everyone in suspense until Dabi couldn't take it anymore and intervened. 

He reached his hand into the box, picked up the child and started bouncing lightly whilst walking in little circles whispering calming words into his ear. "It's even better than a cat! It's a Child!" Toga whispered to shigaraki snapping him out of his daze.

"Yes I see that now!" Shigaraki snarled at Toga. "I think it's better to just leave it where we saw it." Kurogiri started but was soon cut off by a certain bluentte,

"First he's not an it, he's a HE Kurogiri and second we can't just LEAVE him there, I mean look at him!" They turned their heads to see the child had exhausted himself and was now asleep, snuggling his head of forest green hair in the crook of Dabi's neck, rubbing his soft freckled cheek against his chest, one of his chubby little hands still gripping on his toy and one tightly grasping on Dabi's shirt. Dabi blushed at the bundle of adorablness in his hands.  The very hands that have ended countless of lives. He almost felt unworthy of receiving this kind of blessing.

"Aww Dabi's like his Oniiiiiii-channnnn already" Toga stated emphasizing Onii-Chan.

Dabi blush doubled "No I urmm I don't think we should leave him here alone, he's to young and urmm Shigaraki already said so, he's in charge..right!"

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