New Years Kiss? Toddler!Ashton

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Ashton- 6 years old

Luke- Daddy

Calum- Dada

Michael- Papa

Today is New Years Eve that means a New Years Kiss!!! Ashton is ready for this even if he is 6 years old, but nothing will stop him.

Luke was cleaning the house, Calum was out the stores getting ready for the party, and Michael calling their families to come. Ashton just playing with his toys laying on the living room floor.


"Yes, baby?"

"Will I get a New Years Kiss?" As Luke choke on his own breath and Michael walked in as he heard Ashton, he started to laughing so hard his side started to hurt. As Luke glared at him as Michael hold it in.

"Someday you will, but not in that age until your are 16 or 18," Luke said picking up Ashton kissing him on the cheek.

Ashton nodded, but feeling down if he won't get a kiss as Michael notice so he got a plan.

Ashton was upstairs taking a nap as the three people was left talking in the living room quietly. Calum came back from the store when Michael dragged Luke and Calum in the living room.

"I was thinking we all give Ashton a New Year Kiss," Michael said. Luke smiled and nodded and Calum looked confused.

"Why?" Calum asked.

"Well, Ashton asked me about a kiss, but I told him that he have to wait until he's older," Luke said.

"And after Luke said it and Ashton looked sad about it and I wanted gave that to him," Michael said smiling. Calum understand as he agreed...

Ashton waked up from his nap and he got out bed search for his daddies as he founded his Dada in the bedroom fixing his bed.

"Hey, Dada!" Calum looked up and saw his baby, he smiled.

"Hey, baby have a good nap." Calum picked him up. Ashton nodded still feeling sleepy after his nap laying on his Dada's shoulder.

"Good, your other daddies is getting ready for the party and you needed too." Calum walked in Ashton's room finding him Jersey white t-shirt say 'I AM A DRUMMER' with black skinny jeans and combat boot.

-20 mins later-

Well everyone is finally here getting ready for the countdown. Then, Ashton just remember that he'll not get a kiss.

"Hey, everyone hurry! It's about to start," His papa said. The channel was showing the New York City Time Square as it started to countdown











Happy New Years!! Everyone cheered.

As Ashton was getting kisses from his Daddies everywhere, he giggle mad feeling happy as ever.

All his daddies said," WE LOVE YOU ASHTON AND HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Ashton couldn't help, but to blush..

The End!!!
All I wanted to say is Happy New Years everyone!! Thank you for reading all my stories all this year and thank you for voting it and that makes me very happy!!

Love you all,

Hope you have a wonderful year!!

And tell who getting a New Years Kiss? ;)

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