1 - Nightmares

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Luke (Age 4):

Your parents had gone out for the night, leaving Luke to babysit you. Not that he minded, you were his little princess.

He tucked you into bed and sang you to sleep before retreating back to the living room to continue his TV show.


They were everywhere. The paparazzi, the girls, but you couldn't find Luke anywhere. "LUKE!" You must have called for him 10 times and he didn't ever come back. Suddenly the girls all crowded around you and everything went black.

*end of dream*

You immediately shot out of bed, tears spilling from your eyes and went to find Luke.

You saw him in the living room and ran to him, crawling up into his lap.

"Y/N? What's wrong, princess?"

"They g-got me!"

"Who is they? Did you have a bad dream?"

You nodded and cried into his chest. "Hey, it's okay. I've got you, you're okay." After you had calmed down, he brought you to bed and you slept with him, feeling protected in his arms.

Mikey (Age 7):

He shouldn't have let you watch Chucky with him and the boys, but you insisted and he couldn't say no.

It was about 2:48am and you were wide awake, curled in bed, afraid that at any second one of your dolls would be on its way to kill you. The same thing just happened in your nightmare.

You carefully left your bed and walked to Michael's room. You walked in and gently shook him, needing him to wake up. "Y/N? Sweetie, what are you doing up at 2am?" "S-scared Mikey."

He cursed himself in his mind, making a mental note to not give in next time. "I promise you, you're safe. It was all just a movie. How about we try to go back to sleep, okay? You can sleep with me." You nodded and slipped into his bed, feeling the warmth of his body against yours. "Thank you, Mikey." "Any time," he smiled, hugging you before you both fell asleep.

Calum (Age 3):

Joy had recently adopted you and you couldn't be happier. Your old father was abusive and after your mom died, he gave up on you and sent you to an orphanage.

You were currently napping and Calum was coming to wake you to for dinner.

"Y/N, sweetie, it's time to get up for dinner," he cooed quietly while shaking you a bit.

But all you could hear and see was your old father yelling and coming towards you, hand ready to come in contact with your face.


Calum tried to shake you again but you squirmed and started to cry.

"Y/N, baby, please open your eyes. It's Calum. Please baby."

You opened your eyes and Calum picked you up, you clinging to him and crying.

"You're okay. I promise he isn't coming anywhere near you. Let's go have some dinner, okay?"

He kissed your head and hugged you tight as he carried you downstairs.

Ashton (Age 16):

Ever since your best friend and her mom got into a car accident, it's all you could think about. They are both okay, just a few bruises, but it scared you really badly.


This time, it was you and Ashton in the car; him driving, you in the passenger seat.

Everything was going great until a huge 18 wheeler suddenly swerved into Ashton's side of the car.


He ran into your room and saw you screaming and he tried to calm you down.

"Y/N wake up. I'm here and we are all okay. Please wake up."

You sat up quickly, hugging Ashton tighter than ever before. "Ash, thank God you're okay," you said, sobbing into his shirt.

"What happened in your dream?"

"We got into an accident and the truck hit your side of the car. You could have been dead."

"Well, I'm not! Let's be happy that we're all safe and try to sleep again, okay?"

You nodded as he left the room and you fell back asleep.


Hey guys! So this is my first preference book! Let me know if it sucks 😅 but yeah! And leave requests so I know what y'all wanna read. And if you wanna check out my other story, that would be sick! Love y'all! 💕

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