Chapter 1

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It was the day after Norman and Emma's rebellion. The younger siblings didn't seem to notice their change, but (Y/n) did.

She wanted to know what they saw, or who they saw, but she never had the chance to ask them. Is Ray aware of their change too? Or was she the only one that noticed?

Nonetheless, she shrugged off her curiosity away and started to mind her own business again.

(Y/n) was sitting at her usual spot, the tallest branch she could find. She found it peaceful. Relaxing under the leaves' shade, the soft breeze gently touching her face, her (h/c) locks danced and swayed along with the light wind, her legs dangling down, it was relaxing to the 10-year-old.

Isabella never really cared about her, knowing (Y/n), she would never have betrayed the rules. The (h/c)-haired child loves to follow rules, it was a weird obsession of hers.

It was somewhere around the afternoon when Emma and Norman invited her to the library, she figured it was something about their daily tests or something, so she accepted the offer.

Clamoring was heard under the branch, out of curiosity, (Y/n) glanced down, spreading her closed legs to see who it was.

'Hm? What're the three of them doing down there?' (Y/n) asked herself. Wanting to hear their conversation (or argument), she lowered her upper body, the branch being squeezed under her knees while her (h/c) hair and bangs drooped down.

Ray's yelling sounded a bit better, so she stayed that way. Her blood rushed to her head but she didn't mind, in fact, she found it satisfying.

"What are you guys hiding from me?" Ray yelled, slinging his arms around Emma and Norman's shoulders.

"You're so observant, Ray." Norman sighed, (Y/n) rolled her eyes at his comment.

"JUST TELL ME ALREADY!" He screamed, his patience hanging on to the thinnest line.

(Y/n) silently listened to their explanation. Silent laughing escaped her lips, thinking it was some kind of joke or prank Emma and Norman set up.

'That's so dumb.' A smug smile stretched her lips.

Ray's face looked panicked, his mouth was covered by his hand, his voice slightly muffled as he processed the words Norman just said.

"That's messed up."


'Of course, he would. That's Ray for you.' (Y/n) chuckled to herself before lifting her upper body back up, sitting upright once more.

"Mama's gonna start finding them by now." She mumbled, her (e/c) eyes half-lidded and her lips sunk into a frown.

She sighed before jumping to a different tree, not wanting to catch the eldest siblings' attention.

"Do you think (Y/n) was here?" Emma whispered, darting her eyes around, the two boys had cautious faces when those words escaped the Antenna's lips.

Rustling sounds came from the bushes, they jolted up and whipped their heads around. Their eyes met (Y/n)'s (e/c) orbs.

Her face lit up and a relieved smile plastered her face. "There you guys are! Come on, mama's looking for you guys!" She snickered.

The trio released relieved sighs and followed the 10-year-old back to the House.

'I guess she doesn't know yet...Ray thought.

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