Part 15 ~ There is NO "US"

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So, I just wanted to say that I personally have finished writing this book. That's right, I just wrote the epilogue, and might I say you will never see the end coming!! Anyways, enjoy the book!! Updates will be periodically from now on.

Katie's POV

I wake up, I think. The place is all white. I see two little children, maybe age 5.

"Cory, Mommy is here. She shouldn't be here." The little girl says

They walk over to me

"You, you shouldn't be here." The boy says

"Who are you guys." I ask

"I'm Harper, and this is one of my triplet siblings, he's Cory. And you shouldn't be here, you need to be on earth, with Daddy. He really needs you, I mean you have him a really bad scare."

Suddenly the place starts fading

"What's going on?!!?"

"Your going back to earth!" Harper and Cory shout

I open my eyes.

"Why, did you save me?" I ask Chance

"I love you." He says "Oh, and I signed your release papers. They weren't sure that you should leave, but I insisted."

"Okay, give me a bit. I want to check something."

"Is everything alright, You can't be released till 5pm tonight anyways."

"Yeah, can you get me a nurse?"

"Yeah, babe anything for you."

He walks out. My mind drifts to what Harper said "one of my triplet siblings." If she meant it, then I'm still pregnant.

"Miss Rivera, can I help you." Nurse Tracy asks

"Yeah, but it's a private thing. I need Chance to leave."

"No problem, Mr. Quinn I need you to leave." She says to Chance

"Whatever she says I have the right to know."

"Actually, Mr Quinn, you don't. She has the right to patient confidentiality."

"What the hell! I should get to know! But fine, it's not like I saved her life or anything!"

"Sir, calm down. Or I has to call security."

"Call them that's fine, I want to know what my future wife thinks is wrong or whatever!"

Suddenly security busts in, taking a furious Chance and dragging him out.

"Miss Rivera, now what can I so for you."

"I want an ultrasound done, I just have a feeling."

"If that's what you want, I will get a technician up here as soon as they are available."

It takes some time, but one finally gets up here.

"Hey, Katie. My name is Doctor Martin James and why can I do for you today."

"Okay, this will sound utterly stupid but, when I was out I saw my two babies, and Harper, my little girl, said that Cory was one of her triplet siblings. So I think I might still be pregnant."

"Okay, and you were right. That does sound semi-crazy. But, I don't blame you, my late wife had similar dreams."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It was her fault, drunk driving and all. Moving on, let's see what's in your belly!" I giggle "Whats so funny?" He asks

"You, you are just so much easier than my ex, he's so uptight & ugh. I'm glad I'm breaking up with him."

"Well, after work I spend my time with two 5 year olds, so yeah. Your an amazing person, and look at this." He points to the screen "You still have one baby, and it's a girl."

"I still have a baby?"

"Yeah, she is doing just fine and by these results I would peg you at 29 weeks."

"Why do I not look pregnant, and why did she not show up in other ultrasounds?"

"She's positioned close to the ribcage, so not much visibility. And with two babies infront of her, she wasn't visible."

"Yay I'm so glad I still have a baby, but I am not telling Chance. He's already yelled at me & said he wished I was never pregnant."

"Why, why would anyone treat you like that?" He asks "I mean, you seem like you would be an amazing date & girlfriend. But most of all an amazing mother."

"He never wanted the kids."

"You need a distraction, and I can be that distraction."

"Really, we just meet." I say. Not sure whether to trust him or not. Well, heck he's a doctor, of course I can trust him!

"Yeah, I can tell. But you know, I think I would be a pretty good first date for tonight."

"Is no even in your vocabulary? Cause it seems like it isn't." He asks me, I wonder why he asked me.

"Not really, I don't like that word. Its used way to much. Especially with a horrid ex."

"Oh, well.......Then say yes, go to dinner with me tonight." He pleads

"Fine, Doc James! I'll go to dinner with you tonight. I'm getting released at 5, so I guess pick me up when you get off work."

"My shift ends at 5 today, so why don't I take you from here."

"I'll need to get ready, I have nothing here to get ready; let alone look presentable."

"Don't worry, jeans & a t-shirt will be fine."

"No, no it will not. I am calling my friend to bring me things so I can get ready."

"Fine, but I will see you at 5."

Martin walks out, I have a date. This will be awesome. Now, I just have to call Tilly.

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