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(Author’s Notes: I hope to show you the beauty of my home country’s languages/dialects so expect more one-shots with either Filipino/Tagalog or Bisaya/Cebuano or Hiligaynon words as the titles and inspiration.

Warnings: fluff like as much fluff as I can squeeze out of my brain) 

Legolas loved to show his affection for you but most of the time he would settle with loving gazes, fond smiles, and the occasional kiss on your hands or cheeks. He reserved his hugs and passionate kisses when you two are alone and have more time to yourselves.

But when Legolas comes home after guarding the borders for three days, he tends to forget this and would demand more attention from you.

This you were completely aware of because of the times you let him have his own way.

You learned your lesson years ago. When Legolas came back feeling tired and drained, he had asked you for a hug. And because you absolutely adored this ellon, you gathered him in your arms and he embraced you back. But the moment you told him you had to let go, Legolas pouted and absolutely refused. That day you had to drag him everywhere you went. He only let go, albeit reluctantly, when you went to the throne room and asked Thranduil for help (the King had then sighed, descended from his throne, and pinched and pulled his son’s cheek so that Legolas would set you free from his hold).

Since then you made sure to refuse his requests for a hug until you were sure you no longer had any duties to attend to.

But it never became easier to handle.

From your study you saw Legolas approaching and you braced yourself. Legolas, even during his clingy state, knew why you refused and so he respected your answers and would never hug you during these times without your consent. But it never stopped him from hoping that you would take pity on him.

Legolas walked to where you were sitting and stood there beside your chair. He smiled and then said, “I am home, my love.”

“Welcome home,” you said. “How was your shift?”

“Quite uneventful,” he answered. “We did not spot any orcs. But it does not change the fact that it was tiring to sit there. I have missed you.”

“I have missed you as well, darling,” you said, smiling up at him. “You should go and report to your father before going to your chambers to rest.”

“I shall do that.” But Legolas did not move. You knew what he was going to say. “May I have a hug, though?”

You shook your head gently and looked down at the papers on your table. “I still have work to do, Legolas. I promise I will give you a hug later.”

His shoulders slump forward and he pouts slightly. “That’s a shame. I will hold onto your promise.”

After you were done with your work in your study, you then gathered your papers and walked to one of Thranduil’s other advisors (you were also his advisor and you mostly handled diplomatic relations with your neighbors) to ask for more insight on your work. As you walked down the corridors, you heard footsteps behind you. A smile found its way to your lips.

“Where are you off to?” Legolas asked, appearing beside you.

“I am off to ask for more opinions on my work,” you answered.

“I see.” Legolas smiled at you. “Do you have spare time for a hug before you continue with your duties?”

You shook your head gently and smiled at him. “I’m afraid I do not have the time right now, Legolas. I promise I will give you a hug later.”

Legolas sighed. He walked you to where you needed to go and stopped just outside the door. “That’s a shame. I will hold onto your promise.”

Your talk with the other advisor went smoothly. In the afternoon, you went to the throne room to talk with the King regarding the upcoming visit you were going to make to Laketown with the others who will talk about trade. Your talk with the King also went well.

Before you could turn and leave the throne room, Legolas appeared along with the others whom he had shifts with. You stepped aside to let them do their report. When you were about to leave, Legolas caught your hand and asked you if you could wait for him. So you stood near the stairs, waiting for them to finish.

Legolas’ companions greeted you and offered you smiles when they turned to leave. The only people left in the throne room were you, Legolas, and Thranduil.

“I hope my son behaved well today, (Y/N). I know how he is whenever he comes home,” Thranduil said, rolling his eyes at his son who obviously looked very happy knowing that you were done with your duties.

You chuckled. “Legolas had been very polite and understanding, my lord,” you said.

“And that is why I deserve my hug,” Legolas chirped. With his hands behind him, Legolas looked down at you with a smile. “May I have my hug now?”

Laughing at his enthusiasm on hugs, you bowed to Thranduil to be excused. When the King gestured that you could leave (Thranduil wasn’t going to admit out loud that he was very proud of his son for finding someone like you), you took Legolas’ arm and wrapped it around your waist before walking out of the throne room.

“Alright, you may have your hug now."


—(Cebuano/Bisaya & Hiligaynon; Philippines)

Meaning: Cebuano/Bisaya: now; Hiligaynon: later

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