It was another lonely morning. I did my same routine everyday woke up, slap the alarm clock, shower and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and cooked some pancakes and sausages. Sat at my table alone and ate my food in peace and quiet. Today was gonna be different I was going jogging instead of going to the gym. Jogging would help get alot off my mind. I quickly cleaned my plate and walked outside. Plugged my ear phones in my ear and began running...


Here I am running. I felt free again. I felt as if nothing stressful existed my mind was clear. I ran 2 miles and then stopped at a local cafè. I see her but she was with another man. I tried not to think negative because I knew she wouldnt do me like that. She wasnt showing any emotions while eating. She looked as if she was being forced to be there. A bunch of thoughts ran through my mind. Maybe he is an old friend from college. Yes an old friend from college I thought while running back home.

Finally home. I walked into the house and went to the shower. I knew the shower was going to releive my mind. I didnt want to think negative about what I had just seen. I turned the water on and stepped in. The warm water hit my face I felt so free again. I enjoyed the shower it actually help clear my mind. I walked into my bedroom and layed on the bed naked. The cool ac hit my body as I got the chills. I quickly dried off and threw on some clothes. After all I wasnt going anywhere there wasnt anything to do today. I walked downstairs and staired blankly at my huge livingroom. Phone rings. It was mama wanda.


Prod: Hello?

Mom: Hey baby.

Prod: Hey mom.

Wanda: Hows everything going?

Prod: Tired and lonely as ever.

Mom: You need to try and get out more craig.

Prod: Mom I do and im seeing someone right now, well I guess I am.

Mom: *shocked* Thats great! Try and keep her so you wont be alone in that big house.

Prod: She hasnt seen my house yet.

Mom: Why?

Prod: I havent invited her over yet.

Mom: What! Plan a date tonight at your house and invite her over.

Prod: You think I should.

Mom: Yes craig.

Prod: Okay mom.

Mom: Oh and for gods sake feed the girl.

Prod: *laughs* Mom I got this love you bye.

Mom: Love you to baby bye.

I quickly dialed her number. She answers.


You: Hello?

Prod: Hey yn!

You: Hey prod.

Prod: Umm? I was wondering would you like to come over for dinner tonight at my place.

You: I would love to!

Prod: Let say around 7:30ish.

You: You got it!

Prod: Thanks bye.

You: No! Thank you bye.

I threw my phone down an ran in the kitchen. I had to find something to cook and fast. I pulled the lobster, shrimp, salmon and the champagne out the fridge. Began to cook. It didnt take that long everything was done within two hours. Now I have an hour to get dress and set the table. I ran upstairs stared in my closet at my wardrobe. I had over 1,000,000 worth of clothing. Hmm? What to wear? Finally I got it! I put on a red silk shirt some black dress pants and my red shoes. And some cologne by trey songz. Ran downstairs and set the table. Wait something was missing. I grabbed a rose and set it on the table. Perfect. It was a knock at the door. Finally she was here.

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