Part 14 ~ What Now

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Chances POV

I don't know why I always mess things up with Katie, I didn't mean anything I said. Just, I was upset about losing the babies just as much as her.

I look around to find her, I really need to talk to her, about what I said. She's nowhere to be found. Then I hear the water in the guest bedroom, she must be taking a bath.

Atleast I know she's trying to calm herself down. Yet, I have a strange feeling about it. Like, she's not happy. DUH! You know she's not happy, you just said that you wished you had never gotten her pregnant! I head to the living room, and turn on the tv, maybe after her bath she will want to talk.

--- 1 hour later ---

Katie still isn't done with her bath, something I wrong. I go knock on the door.

"Katie, are you okay?"

No answer

"Katie, babe, please answer me"

No answer

"Katie, if this is the silent treatment please, say one thing I'm getting worried."

Still no answer

"Listen, I'll give you 5 more minutes, then I'm busting the door down."

No reply. So, I wait my 5 minutes

"Last chance, if you want this door to remain on say one word."

No answer.

"GOD DANG IT!" I yell "Quit being stupid!!" I bust the door down, it hurt but I wasn't taking any chances with Katie. I see a wad of paper on the bed. I rush over it's a note, and it reads:

I'm sorry. You have used your 1 mistake up, I know you hurt about losing Harper & Cory but that doesn't give you a right to yell at me like you did. I fell hurt, I said I would be out by morning. Don't come in the bathroom, that's all I ask. I'm leaving to join Harper & Cory. I'd rather live with then, than be here with a man who yells at me whenever things get tough. You will find another girl who's worth it.
Not With Love,
Katie Rivera

Then it hits me, a suicide note. Crap, "KATIE!! Are you still in there?" I wait for no response. I bust the door down to see her laying in the bathtub, fully submerged in the water.

I yank her out, no pulse. I quickly dial 911, and wait for the phone to ring. I give them my address, name, and why I'm calling.

"Katie, please be okay. I won't be able to live with myself I you aren't." I begin to cry again. I have no clue what is with this girl, she has me crying like a baby.

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