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"Alright, let's forget the past. We lost a few games, tough! That was district 5. Now we're The Ducks."

We all looked at each other in agreement as we said"Yeah" Coach Bombay continued"And The Ducks.....are undefeated." We all started to cheer, once we settled Coach Bombay start to say "Quack...Quack..Quack." As we all started to join in"Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!"


We all threw our hands in the air and started to cheer, the game being quick to start. I was a starter on the ice, along with Guy, Jesse, Charlie, Connie and Greg of course.

Guy was facing off against a Cardinal player. Once the ref between the two of them dropped the puck, Guy was quick to steal it, passing it over to Jesse. Guy and I both started to make our way up the court, Jesse having a player already pushing him a bit to take the puck away.

Jesse passed the puck to Charlie, who moved up to help (along with Connie). The rest of us struggled to get open, as the players had us blocked. Guy managed to get in front of the player, just in time for Charlie to send him the puck, before getting knocked over by a player who was going to take the puck from him.

Guy skated with the puck a player close behind as I was next to the net trying to get past the player blocking me so the Guy could have a clear pass. Letting out a frustrated sigh, I backed off from the player, going around the net to the other side.

With the goalie being distracted by Guy who currently has the puck gave me a chance to skate up a bit. Guy was quick to notice, sending the puck my way. I received the pass, making a quick turn, as I sailed the puck into the other side of the net before the goalie could stop it.

I stood there for a moment as my whole team started cheering. I watched the light on the top of The Cardinals goal turn on as a buzzing noise could be heard. Next thing I know, I'm being engulfed in a hug by none other than Charlie.

I was still trying to process what just happened so I didn't really hug him back. Once Charlie broke the hug, his hands wrested on my shoulders "(Y/n), you just scored!" I could practically see the huge smile on his face, even with his helmet on.

"I, just....scored?"

He laughed at my shock as I still was processing what just happened. Charlie nodded his head as I suddenly realized what just happened. A giant smile made its way to my lips as I grabbed Charlie's shoulders while saying"Oh my god! Charlie! I just scored!" Charlie let out a laugh"Yes, I know"

Charlie and I skated back to our side of the ice as I looked at everyone on our team, on the ice and off it. I yelled, with a giant smile on my face"I just scored!" Another choirs of cheers could be heard from my teammates as the guys on the ice engulfed me in a group hug, causing me to let out a loud laugh.

(It's supposed to be 2-0, but since you scored I decided to edit the score board a bit)

The score is now 3-1, us being behind by two. I stood in front of our bench next to Charlie as Coach yelled"Dig it out of there! Dig it out of there!" The Cardinal players were down by our goal, Terry went after the puck, only for him to bang into the wall and fall on the ice.

Guy (not really sure who it was, I couldn't see the number) was quick to come up from behind him, taking the puck and going behind the goal with it.

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