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The day after the yelling fest mom and l had, l apologized.
The shocking thing that was much more shocking than me yelling at her, which was out of character for me, she was actually cool about it. She actually gave me a smile.

However, even though most of last night was forgiven, there was still tension between us.
We didn't hang together like we used to do after school or talk about whatever it is that mom found on Pinterest that she could use for her renovation. That she has always wanted to do for five years.

It felt like an eternity when friday finally came. I felt like a walking zombie. God know l haven't been sleeping much with all the things that were on my mind for these past few months but this past week has been the hardest.

When l finally got home after school at seven PM, a little later than l usually do, but then again whoever said varsity was easy needed a quick fix in the head.

Walking in through the front door l was a little surprised by the amount of shoes and coats that were by the mudroom and it looked like they were staying.
As l was removing my shoes l recognized one particular pair of women's sneakers and there was only one person that l knew who shared my passion for sneakers and has been fawning over them.

I was super excited as l ran to the kitchen in search of Katherine, my eldest sister.

"I didn't know school got out this late"
I stopped in my tracks as l saw Katherine with my three brothers standing around the kitchen island.
Suddenly my excitement disappeared as their laughter had when l came in.

"I think you're forgetting the fact that l'm not in high school anymore or better yet not a kid anymore"

"And yet you still live with your parents. Kid"

Maybe if l glared hard enough at Caleb maybe he was going to drop dead.

Unfortunately l didn't have that kind of luck.

"What are you guys doing here?" l said looking at all of them ignoring Caleb.

"Are we not allowed to pay you a visit" said my eldest brother Alex

Alex, just like Caleb were the intimidating ones. If you didn't know them in a friendly basis you would be running from the hills everytime you saw them but they weren't really like that.

Alex was a foot shorter than the other both my brothers Caleb and Brian but he also had the temper that matched his height at 5'13". He was always nice to everyone he knew but piss him off for one second and he would be ready to bite your head off the next second, and it was pretty easy to piss him off.

Caleb was always the easy going one always making funny jokes but when he was going down to business or when he was angry, he became a different person. He always tried to play nice and had better control over his anger but then again he was always close with Alex and only a little could come out of that.

And the question still remains unanswered. What were they doing here. It's unlike them to pop up out of nowhere without a heads up, and l wasn't buying the 'pay you a visit thing.

"Are you at least going to give us a hug"

I turned to my brother and sister, Brian and Lina the fraternal twins who were sitting by the island and l was engulfed in a bear crushing bear hug from Lina and a small one from Brian. I really missed Lina's hugs more than they would know.

She always had that cheerful warm vibe going on that always drew me to her. She was always confident, commanding every room she walked in without ever being arrogant. I have always been jealous of that. If only l could have a quarter of that level of confidence.

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