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"Stop saying you're fine, you don't look like you're fine"

"Well then stop looking" l said as l turned my back to her.

Mom didn't get it, l just wanted to be alone, l just wanted some space and she wasn't giving me any.

"Bethenny l'm just trying to help" l could hear from her voice that she had gotten closer.

"You can't help me mom" l said as l pushed my chair back and stood up real quick to face her "We both know that nothing can be done about it so stop thinking that it can be fixed"
At this point l was yelling, l didn't want to but l was hoping it would get the point through to her

When l looked into her eyes l immediately felt bad about it. I wasn't being fair to her and her feelings. I was being selfish and l have never been selfish, at least l tried not to be most of the times.

"We can at least talk about it you know, maybe it will make to feel better"

"You don't get it, there is nothing to talk about" l yelled out in frustration. I was just about ready to pull out my hair.
"Just leave it would you" l could hear my voice cracking at the end. The tears where about to break through.

I was just emotionally unstable at the moment and l just wanted to have my thoughts all to myself.


After a few seconds l heard my bedroom door close softly. At that moment it was like the water pipes in my eyes suddenly burst.

And l welcomed them without a fight. I was just tired of fighting them.

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