Palace In Flames

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As the tall thin man in the raven-black suit strode along the deserted street, there wasn't a sound to be heard by anybody. No footsteps on the tarmac path, no night scavengers searching for their supper. Even the wind seemed intimidated into silence by the stranger searching through all the litter bins on that street. Each time he approached, he would slowly stick his hand into the rubbish and start sifting through it delicately. He repeated this process several times, until he finally found what he was looking for. With only a small nod to show his satisfaction, he unfolded the newspaper and studied the headline.

"Cannibal Killer Strikes Again!" it seemed to scream to the reader, before continuing in a quieter font. "More mutilated remains found." The pale man read through this a couple more times, before he scrunched the newspaper into a ball in disgust and threw it back into the bin it came from.

"Damn those idiots to the blackest pits of Hell," he mumbled to himself. "I told them time and time again, remove the evidence afterwards!" He pulled out his mobile phone and dialled a number.


"Christina, you need to control your children. Their little adventure last night attracted a lot of unwanted attention." There was a sigh from the other end of the line.

"Lawrence. They're just kids. They're entitled to have a little fun every now and then. Besides, they're just as much your children as mine. It shouldn't just be down to me to discipline them."

"Very well. Inform them that this has not escaped my notice, and if I see one more news story about them, I shall kill them. And, unlike last time, it will be permanent." He ended the call before Christina could try to reason with him. Lawrence had worked too long and too hard to get to where he was today, and he couldn't afford to have his social standing compromised by a couple of reckless kids.

An obviously intoxicated young woman staggered out of an alley, and Lawrence was reminded that he hadn't fed today. He didn't like the taste that alcohol left, but beggars can't be choosers. The Grand Ball was tomorrow, and it wouldn't do him any favours if he attacked one of his distinguished guests. Particularly if the Cardinal himself honoured his promise to attend.  So, despite the disgust burning in his throat, Lawrence took a deep breath (purely for his own dramatic effect) and let the vampire inside him satisfy its thirst, taking care to dispose of the body afterwards.

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