I Like You - HeYa FanFic - Chapter 3

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Naya Rivera’s POV

I slowly opened my eyes and let the sunlight streaming through the trailer window sting them. I felt my head rise and fall slowly. I felt an arm embracing me from behind. Mark? No, it can’t be. I broke up with him. Kevin? No, he has Amber. Cory? Nah, he’s not my type. I know no other boys who I would sleep with. Heather? I sat up and rubbed my eyes. It was Heather. She was sleeping with a cute smile on her face. I stood up and changed into my Cheerios uniform. I put my Cheerios jacket on and sat on the couch with Heather’s legs on my lap. I traced them softly with my finger. I stood up and slowly laid Heather’s legs back on the couch. I gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaving the trailer to get a cup of coffee.

Dianna Agron’s POV

Seeing Naya leave her trailer in the morning wasn’t and will never be a surprise. She always had one night stands in there. I had never given any attention to it, but today, I just had to see who she did it with. If it was Mark, then that would make sense. If it was Kevin, he would be cheating on Amber. If it was Cory, oh, he will be in big trouble from me. I had a feeling Cory was cheating on me but I didn’t know who with. I crept slowly to Naya’s trailer and peeked in through the window. It was very dimly lit inside but I could see a figure slumped on the couch. I strained my eyes to see who it was. I could see the blonde hair. Who did I know was blonde? I narrowed my eyes to see better and I saw that the blonde hair was tied in a ponytail. A ponytail? Who did I know had long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail? The figure moved. Oh, crap. The guy’s awake. If only he could turn on the light. I’ll be able to see his face. I waited a few seconds and he did just that. I looked in and I saw Heather. Heather? Wait a minute, if Heather was in Naya’s trailer. Holy crap, Naya’s a lesbian and had sex with Heather! Lea has to know this.


Lea Michelle’s POV

Waking up at 5 in the morning was like a routine for me. I would wake up, get ready for shooting, take a cab to set and wait in my trailer for everyone else to arrive. So, when I heard someone knock on my door, I was surprised. It was only half past 6. No one I knew would be up this early and on set. I opened the door and Dianna stood there already dressed in her Cheerios uniform. ‘What are you doing here, Di?’

‘You will not believe what I just saw.’ Dianna came in and sat on the couch.

‘Ooh! Nothing’s better than early morning gossip. Let it out, Di.’ I sat next to her and took a sip of coffee.

‘So I was in my trailer and I saw Naya come out of hers and I thought, oh, she must be having one of those one night stands. I felt Cory was cheating on me so I looked in the window to see who she slept with. Guess who I saw, lying on the couch.’

‘Mark?’ Dianna shook her head. ‘Kevin?’ She shook her head again. ‘Cory?’

‘Fortunately not!’

‘Ryan?’ Dianna giggled before shaking her head. ‘Oh, I don’t know! Tell me, the suspense is killing me.’


‘Heather? Heather Morris? Hemo?’ Dianna nodded her head vigorously. ‘But if Heather was in the trailer then, then that means, oh my god! Heather’s sleeping with Naya?’ I squealed before Dianna covered my mouth with her hand.

‘I don’t know if they had sex because when I looked in, Heather wasn’t naked, instead, she was wearing Naya’s pyjamas!’

‘Naya’s pyjamas? Naya would never let anyone wear her pyjamas!’

‘Exactly! That’s what confuses me!’

‘Oh my god, I need to tell Kevin and Amber.’ I pulled out my phone and began texting Kevin and Amber. ‘Amber says that she was having a conversation with Heather and Kevin and Heather admitted she liked Naya not in the BFF way but more than that!’ Dianna gasped. ‘I know right? We’re having a gossip meeting on this later.’

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