How to stop Malwarebytes Pop Ups on PC or Mac

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Using Windows

1. Open Malwarebytes on your own computer.Malwarebytes resembles a gloomy, stylized "M" icon. Click it on the Start menu or around the system tray in the corner.
2. Click Settings in the left menu. 

This selection is saved next to the gear icon on the left side of the program window. The program preferences will open.

3. Switch "Notify me of full update version can be found" to Away.

 It can be found under the heading "Software Updates". If it is off, the change will turn white.This may prevent all notifications of application updates from Malwarebytes.Speaking options are on the Program tab. If Settings opens on a different tab, click the Program tab in the upper left.

4. Switch "Show Malwarebytes notifications from the Windows system tray" to Away. 

You can find it under the "Notifications" heading. If it is off, the change will turn white.This can disable most taskbar alerts in the taskbar.

5. Toggle the "Show notifications when real-time protection settings are turned off" option to Away. It is also located under "Notifications". If it is off, the change will turn white.This may prevent Malwarebytes from sending notifications as soon as security configurations are turned off.

Method 2: With a Mac

1. Open System Preferences on a Mac. Click the gray device icon in the Applications folder to open it, or click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select System Preferences.
2. Click the Notifications category. Located in the upper right corner of the System Preferences window.

3. Scroll down and select Malwarebytes. In the left column, scroll through the list of programs, and then click Malwarebytes to view the program's preferences.
4. Select None under "Malwarebytes alert fashion". This can stop all banner ads and alert notifications in the program.
5. Uncheck all other notification options. Here you will find a list of additional information options. Remember to deselect them all to turn off all alarms.Uncheck Display notifications on the lock screen to prevent pop-ups from the lock screen.Uncheck View in Notification Center to avoid new items in the Notification Center panel.Uncheck the Badge icon to disable the reddish badge on the Malwarebytes icon on Launchpad.Uncheck Play alarm sounds to suppress all talking sounds.
6. Close the notification menu. Click the red dot in the upper left corner of the notification window when you're done. You should no longer find them.

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