Chapter Ten:Single as a Pringle

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I return home after a long practice.My whole body is aching and I am sure to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

"Hi Mom and Dad."I say when i see them sitting on the couch deep in conversation.Mom turns to face me a worried look sprawled over her face. 

"Hi honey,how was your day?"Mom asks. 

"Exhausting."I sigh and sit on the floor.I bob my head up and notice the tense environment."What is the matter?"I question sitting upright,legs crisscrossed.

"Do you know what is up with El.He seems down today.He never acts like this.My mom bursts out in a frantic way.

"Shalayna,He will be alright.Don't worry yourself too much." Dad puts a soothing hand on my mom's back and she leans into his embrace.He then turns to me,"El has locked himself in his room after he returned from the basement.He refuses to talk or eat anything.That's odd."Dad explains.

"I have no idea,why he is behaving like that.I will talk to him."I say and run to his room.

I try my best to analyse all the reasons but couldn't find a fitting one.

'Could it be?'My subconscious tried to reason.No.That call was a week ago.It mustn't be that.I pushed the thought to the back of my mind.

I slowly turned the knob to El's room and padded in closing it behind me."Mom...I am not hungry.I just want to sleep."El murmurs,his voice low.He sits staring at the beige blue walls in his room,his back at me.

I sit beside him quietly and he turns his head wildly."Veah"He exclaims all of a sudden throwing his arms around me."I tried calling you.Why don't you ever check your phone?"

I knit my brows in confusion and stare at him with concern."Junior,Are you okay?"I ask him and he turns back to staring the wall letting out a dramatic sigh.

After a minute of silence,he speaks,"The man.He called.Again." I stilled at his words."What-what'd he say?"I fumble to form sentences.

"He said he wants to meet me.He knows where we live,Veah.He even addressed me as El Torris."He shivers remembering the call."I tried looking up the number but there is no information related to it,it is just registered with the name Darcy Mathews."He explains waving his hands along.

"El.I think we should inform mom and dad about this."I say quietly.He shakes his head rapidly and looks at me with pleading golden brown eyes.

"No.No.We can't.You know mom gets so mad when we mention interacting with strangers.It a really bad idea Veah."El blabbers. 

"Okay.Okay.But i am scared."I say.

"I am too.We'll figure something out Senior."El mutters under his breath hugging me sideways.


The beautiful rays of the morning sun peek through my blinds.I wake up to the chirping of birds and the soothing calmness of the morning.I sit in my bed smiling to myself.

Ah! What a peaceful Sunday morning.

That is exactly how my mornings are not like.Specially Sunday Mornings.

This Sunday was no exception. I snap my eyes open when I hear metal music blasting from downstairs.

It is fucking 7 am on a Sunday morning!!

I groan loudly holding my pillow against my ears.But even the pillow couldn't stop the noise.

I pick myself up from my bed and enter the bathroom. While brushing my teeth I look at my reflection in the mirror.My hair messy as always and wearing blue shorts and El's large t-shirt,which I probably stole from him.

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