28. Hamza's Broken Heart

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Hamza's POV:

          loosening the tie around my neck, I waited for someone to open the door. It was after more than a month that I was finally back to my home as I had to leave to help my uncle in the other city at his hospital as due to his own health , he needed my help.

        The door was opened by my Ammi as the most beautiful smile broke on her face,
"Assalam walaikum Ammi!" I said hugging her.

"Walaikum salam Hamza. I missed you so much!" She replied as I felt her sniff.

       "Aww my beautiful Ammi. Why are you crying now? See I have come back!" I said to her as we both walked to the leaving room and sat on the sofa.

       "You won't understand dear. These are the tears of joy. This time, I won't let you go. See you have lost so much weight!" She said with worried eyes.

        Ammi.. she tells this everytime I return from my trips.

"Ammi.. I am fine." I said chuckling.

"No you aren't. Why don't you work here in the city. Your uncle can hire some other doctor. " She said a little disappointedly.

        I shifted and kept my head on to Ammi's lap. Often Living far away from home, I missed this comfort that comes from resting head in Ammi's lap the most.  There is nothing more comforting than this.

"Ammi.. you know that it was my decision to help uncle Wahid with work at his hospital. And as far as getting a job in the city, there are already sufficient number of good doctors and surgeons here.

You know my thinking, I always wanted to serve the needy people. Working with uncle Wahid helps me attain that goal as his hospital that is set in the remote area works solely for the benefit of the poor. "
I said explaining my reason.

"You are just like your father Hamza.
Too kind and compassionate. Always thinking about others. Sometimes I get so much worried for you." She said caressing my hair with her warm fingers as I closed my eyes.

        "Don't worry about me Ammi. Now tell me, where is my little sister! " I asked her about Mariam, as I changed the topic.

"You know her. She has went for shopping with her friends as always. " Ammi said.

         I remained silent for a while as none of us spoke. It was after several moments that the question that I was wanting to ask yet failing to gather words to do so left my mouth,



"Did Aayat's parents reply about.. you know, the proposal?"

         The movement of Ammi's fingers stopped as she remained silence making me open my eyes. I witnessed the crease appearing on her forehead, as she said,

"Actually there is something that I have to tell you."

         My heart beat stopped for a millisecond due to the seriousness in her tone. Not letting it bother me , I managed to ask,

" What.. Ammi?"

        She let out a breath and then told,
"A month ago, Saeed Bhai got into a serious car accident. He, although he was in a critical condition he managed to survive. "

       I let out a shaky breath of relief as it wasn't something that I was dreading.
A denial.

        Yet the news was such a shocking one that I got up and sat in a form position, and asked her,

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