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Chapter 4

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Maria's P.O.V

The next day I woke up to 10 text messages, all the same, from Sophie about the concert. I wish I didn't ask her now. Sophie was the girl I was visiting in London. Then I got another text:

From: Sophie BFF x: "Hey can you come to mine again? Please xxx"

To: Sophie BFF x: "Hi and really do I have to? xxx"

From: Sophie BFF x: "Yeah. I need to find something to wear and I need to help you to find something. You can stay round a few days too xxx"

To: Sophie BFF x: "Ok. See you in a bit then xxx"

I walked down the stairs to see my mum on the sofa watching 'Come dine with me: celebrity special'. "Hi mum. I'm going to stay round Sophie's for a few days. Is that ok?" I asked her. She nodded and said "Wait, Maria! I forgot to add to the concert. We all have backstage passes!" She said excited. "No way!?" I screamed. "Yes way." She said holding up the passes. "Sophie's gonna love this!" I got my phone out and texted her immediately. She just put "". I guess she was happy.

2 hours later...

This time mum took me to London. She dropped me off outside Sophie's and hugged me goodbye. I said "Hope you can cope without me!" She just chuckled and said "I'm sure we will be fine. Bye."

"See ya." I said as I shut the car door.

I haven't been to Sophie's place for ages and I walked through the door. It hadn't changed much but was grand and posh, Sophie comes from a rich family. I got to her flat and knocked loudly at the door. I heard a shout "Alright, alright! Keep ya hair on!" That sounded like my Sophie.

She swung the door open and we both ran into each others arms. "I know it was only yesterday I saw you but its great to be back here!"

"Haha. Good to see you again!" She said with the biggest smile ever on her face. "What you been up to while I was home?" I asked her. "Not much. I still don't get it. I have lived in London for 5 years and you come here for a day and see Aston Merrygold, that's not fair." I just giggled and got settled down.

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