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Rose was sitting in the room for a while until Nate came in nervous.

"Did you tell," he plainly said to her.

"Wow not even a hello!"

He got angry at her response and grabbed her, "DID YOU!"

She hesitated, she didn't tell anyone but Fez but he will get mad if she told him that.

"No one I promise."

He softened from those words. Then sat next to her on the bed. "Maddy told and I don't want another one on my case."

Rosita mutter under her breath, "As she should."


"Nothing," she said giving him a pat on the back. She was about to leave until Nate gave her a hug.

"Don't leave." The girl stared at him. She didn't wanna be in the same room with him but she didn't want to see what he would do if she said no.


"I'm scared of you. I don't trust you anymore. You harmed me like you did to Maddy. I can't have relations with that type of person."

He was shocked, he never thought his first love would tell him that. He pushed her to the ground then left the room.

Rosita sighed then got up and left the room.

After 45 minutes of dancing, she headed to the kitchen to get another drink, people were staring at her like she did something.

Then she saw.

In the kitchen stood all of her family secrets, her dad's loan papers, pictures of her mom and multiple random men, pictures of her nudes, and a couple of her suicide notes.

Rosita looked at everyone gasping, laughing, judging her. Tears stung her eyes, the things she tried to keep private were all out there now.

"WHO DID THIS!," she cried out, ripping everything off the walls, trying to get rid of everything.

Then she saw Nate smirking in the corner of her eye.

She ran up to him then slapped him, "I TRUSTED YOU!" She was punching his chest.

"And I trusted you," he slowly said looking at Fez. He figured out that she told Fezco.

Rosita grew silent.

Rosita didn't remember
what happened after that.

She blacked out.

But people were talking.

Saying that she became crazy, ran out of the house then started screaming at cars to run her over.

She didn't want
people to know what happened
in her life.

She wanted to start over but
now she can't cause
of Nate.

He told everyone just
because she told one

For 3 weeks she stayed in
her room.

Not wanting to come
out. Eating her sugar cubes and
crying for what
seems like forever.

Fez came to visit
for the first days but
she told him to stop
cause she didn't want
him to see her like this.

He listened to her.

I came over the most
sometimes bringing Lexi.
Even tho I wasn't feeling the
best either.

The door creaked open to reveal Jules. Rosita was surprised cause she thought Jules left for a trip.

"I wanted to see you before I saw Rue again."

She slowly closed the door then sat on her bed. "I know we don't talk that much but I saw what happened and you don't deserve that"

Rosita stayed silent but Jules continued.

"I want to take you out to get some food and maybe like break some shit if you want," she said excitedly.

Rosita giggle quietly then sat up on her bed.

Jules helped her get ready because she knows it can be a struggle getting up after an episode like that.

They left her room and got ready to have a good day.

For the whole day, Jules and Rosita got some food, went to a junkyard and broke shit, got high, and made each other feel better.

"Jules, you cant be serious," Rose said while taking another bite in her sandwich.

Jules laugher filled the air, "I'm not joking my dad really did that!"

They both laughed then calmed down into silence for a while.

"Thank you for today," Rosita looked at the other girl.

Jules stayed quiet but nodded.

For the nexts weeks she was happy, she ignored what people were saying and dropped Nate from her life.

They only person she was avoiding was Fez.

She cared what he thought, and she was scared he was gonna call her a freak. She avoided him all she could until she had to buy some snacks at his store.

She headed over there, quickly trying to grab some stuff until Fez stoped her.

"You avoiding me," he started off.


"Yes you are." Rosita rolled her eyes then sighed.

"Yes I am," she started off, "After the party I didn't want you to think of me or see me differently cause I never told you that stuff. I wanted to start new, I wanted life to be good for while and it was! But at the party I just couldn't handle it I-"

She was cut off by Fezco's lips on hers.

She stood still for a while but reciprocated the feeling.

She missed him. She wanted to stayed like this for a while but he let go.

"I love you okay? Nothing will ever change that. Not what I saw at the party and not right now," he stated. She started tearing up and gave him another kiss.

"Are 𝙮𝙤𝙪 happy?"

She looked at him for a while then nodded.

"Yeah I am."

🥺🥺 plz i'm crying

I wanted Jules
and Rosita to hang
out cause like
it seems like a
good duo so 😽

i think im almost
done this book since
i don't know
what to write so
enjoy the last chapters
coming soon!

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