first kiss

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First Kiss

(A/N: Okay I'm gonna skip to where Henry is 14 years old. Also I will add Graham (hope i spelled that right), Jefferson, and who ever just request.)
Henry- Henry and I having been dating for about a year? and we are playing video games at his house. "Ha! beat you again!" I bragged. "Come on, let's do something else." Henry said annoyed. I laughed softly. " Okay what do you want to do?" I ask him. "Let's watch a movie?" He asks. "Sure! how about?....... 'If I stay'?" I ask him. "Sure." He tells me and I pop it on. I ended up crying and he hugged me. After it ended we went walking around town, walking hand in hand. Then we stopped at where we first met. "I remember this day, it was one of  the best days of my life." Henry tells me. "I know me too, I would relive that day all over again if I could." I tell him. " Hey (Y/N)?" He asks. "Yeah?" I ask turning to him. He presses his lips against mine I kissed him back for a second then we pulled away. "I Love you (Y/N)." He tells me. "I love you too Henry." I say smiling back.

Peter Pan- I found the others and they were upset that I didn't stay with Henry. But they were happy I was still alive. Then we started to make a plan. To go to Pan and trick him in to trusting me and get Henry back. But what I didn't know was that I fell for him. "Damn him..." I muttered walking in circles. "Damn who Love?" Pan asks. "Nobody..." I tell him. "Tell me that's an order." He orders me. I sighed then told him. "You..." "Why me Love?" He asks raising an eyebrow. "Damn you and your sexy eyebrows!" I yell. "Sexy eyebrows?" He asks smirking. "Yes, you and your sexy eyebrows." I say softly as we started to both lean in. Then I stopped him. "What?" He asks. "I don't want you to kiss me and ignore me like it never happened. I hate guys like that..." I tell him a little annoyed. "I won't." He says putting some hair behind my ear. I stared in to his eyes. "Why do I feel like your going to mess up everything?" I whisper. "A little mess wouldn't hurt anyone." He says. We leaned in and kissed. There was a spark feeling. I never felt that before. What he didn't know was that this is gonna be a big mess.

Captain Hook- I helped Hook escape. It almost cost me my life too. Why did I do it? Hell I don't even know! Hook and I are on the Jolly Rodger. I sighed annoyed. "What's wrong with you love?" He asks me. "I'm bored..." I say in a monotone voice. "Well then let's fix that shall we?" He asks. "Huh?" But before I couldn't officially react we were already kissing. I hesitantly kissed back.

Felix- Felix and I were walking around when he suddenly asked. "Can  kiss you?" "Sure." I tell him and we kissed. (Sorry that sucked)

Neal Cassidy/Baelfire- Emma is still weird-ed out by the fact that we're dating. I mean I would be too if I was her. Neal and I are at Granny's laughing, joking, and all that when he takes me home. "I had a good time." I  say to him. "I did too." He says then kisses me. I kissed back and I pulled away. "Goodnight." He says smiling. "goodnight." i tell him smiling while biting my lip.

(a/n: sorry if this sucked, it's late and I'm tired.)

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