Chapter 1

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Her breasts were directly in his line of view as she bent over and placed the show case of diamond rings in front of Remington Chance. It took nearly all of his effort not sneak a peek at what was most certainly a perfect set of D's hanging not six inches from his nose. Instead he kept his eyes directly on her face.

"Thank you, sweetheart!" Remi said sweetly. "There just HAS to be something here that my fiance will like."

The woman gives him a small smile. "Well take your time. This ring will represent the foundation of your relationship and you want to make sure you have a solid stepping stone to start your long and happy marriage out on!" She says cheerily, clapping her hands together as she says so.

At that he almost couldn't contain his eye roll. What a load of bull shit. To hide his irritation at her terrible sales pitch he turns to Julian to wave him over.

"Babe!" He says perhaps a little too excitedly. "Look at these rings, they are just gorgeous. I know you will love one of THESE."

Julian sashays over to him and Remi can hardly keep his snicker to himself at Julian's ridiculous swagger. He covers his mouth to hide his smirk until he finally turns back to face the woman behind the counter.

Julian carefully inspects the jewelry laid in front of them. He watches as is face slowly turns sour.

He let's out an exasperated noise and crosses his arms. "Its like you don't even know me!" He whines.

Remi picks up a band that is made completely of gold and rather large sparkling diamonds and grabs his hand and slides it on his finger.

The woman sensing the tension says, "I will leave you guys to it." And quietly steps away.

With her back turned he quickly pockets real one and swaps it out for a very convincing looking fake.

"This is absolutely hideous!" He yells, still staying in character, waving his arms obnoxiously. "This one is more my style." He says as he plucks probably the only ring with bigger diamonds than the last ring.

Remi grabs his hand, causing Julian to nearly cringe at the contact. "I just want to make you happy, babe." Remi says keeping a straight face.

Hearing that, the woman makes her way back around. "Do we think we've found something?" She says with a toothy grin.

"Well you haven't made me happy for a long time!" He screams causing the woman to flinch and her smile immediately fades to a cringe. She doesn't wait for either of us to answer her, she continues on to another couple who just walked in the store.

With that Remi quickly swipes the gaudy ring back and swaps it subtly with another fake. "Well maybe this whole getting married thing is a big mistake then!" Remi yells back, causing a scene. He turns on his heels and storms towards the door.

Remi can just barely hear Julian apologize to the woman and thank her for her time as he storms off after him.

He flings the door open hard and leaves the jewelry store but doesn't go far. He leans against wall of the building, the rough brick digging into his shoulder blades. He makes a quick sweep of the area and assures that he's just out the line of the security camera.

Remi is only waiting a minute or two when Julian comes out same door. Julian can barely contain his laughter as the round they corner on to the main side walk.

"Chance, did you see her face?!" He asks, holding his stomach from laughing so hard.

Remi laughs with him. "Dude, she was horrified!"

"Not as horrified as I was when you held my hand." He says still laughing.

"Are you telling me you're scared of a little dude on dude action?" Remi asks snickering.

"No, no." He says wagging his finger. "Not scared. I was just definitely more interested in her perfect knockers than you holding my hand. That's for sure."

Remi tosses his head back in laughter and can't help but agree with his friend's honest assessment.

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