Chapter 2

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Tsukishima was doing, he was talking to someone. 'I know it's rude but..' Yama thought as he squinted his eyes to see the contact name and it read " ❤️ kuroo 🙄❤️" {recap}


he remembers knowing his name in Tsukishima's phone was just plain old 'Yamaguchi' so why did he have hearts around kuroo's name?, he felt his heart start to break a little, he shook Tsukishima and Tsuksihima ended up jumping a little " h-ha ha got you tsukki.." Yamaguchi forced out "Yamaguchi sit down" tsukki said unamused and annoyed "sorry tsu-" he was about to say when he realized Tsukishima already went back to texting and he was..smiling?


He didn't even bother finishing his apology and adverted his eyes from Tsukishima's phone and just sat down in his seat that was near the window while Tsukishima's was in the back middle row. Tsukishima did notice that Yamaguchi didn't finish his apology but quickly forgot when his phone buzzed and his phone read "from ❤️ kuroo 🙄❤️" his eyes shimmered a little and he picked up his phone and let out a chuckle when he read whatever the text message said, Yamaguchi felt his heart hurt 'tsukki never smiles like that around me' he thought, he walked back to his seat and took a seat right when the bell rang meaning class was starting. He couldn't help but keep looking back at Tsukishima who was clearly sneak texting 'he doesn't even sneak text me when it's important.. what could he-" "Yamaguchi!" a firm voice said, Yamaguchi quickly turned noticing it was his turn to answer a question on the board, but he wasn't paying attention, infact he didn't even know what the lesson was about today! He looked on the board to try to get some idea of what was happening but nothing on the board made sense " uh hold on i know this" he said jokingly so he could get a few seconds and the class let out a few snickers, he looked back at Tsukishima hoping for help but when he looked back he saw Tsukishima take a glance at his phone and then back up to Yama and a unamused face quickly took away the smile he had, Yamaguchi's heart slowly started to break he looked back at the teacher who now looked impatient and the students who were no longer laughing and wanting to hurry up the lesson. He stumbled "uh uh it's.." he felt a tug on his shirt and looked down to see a girl holding up a 5 with her head turned and her hand under the desk, Yamaguchi hesitated and said " uh the answer is 5..?" The teacher sighed finally and relieved sighs came from all over the room " good job but pay more attention so you can figure these out quicker, you may sit." The teacher said turning to the board and continuing to teach. Yamaguchi hurriedly took a seat and slumped in his chair, he poutedly looked at the girl and said "thank you so much" the girl let out a giggle " it's no problem I could see your dealing with something much more important then ms. kito's boring math lesson." They both laughed causing the teacher to look in their direction and tsukki to advert his eyes towards them as well. They both looked the opposite direction and acted like they weren't doing anything. As soon as the teacher looked away they both quietly giggled.

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