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May 16, 2020
5:30 P.M

The last two trainees stand in an empty room, though full of anxiousness and hope. The only one will be chosen as BTS' 8th member, the other, goes home.

Choi Dae Jung and Lee Wonjae, both standing side by side with their fingers crossed as goosebumps lingered down their arms. You can't even tell them apart. Both have smooth pearly skin with thin rosy lips that curve into a pleasant smile. They have dark brown hair fluffed up into a perm against the tip of their scalp.

The only difference is their eyes that speak different thoughts.

Dae Jung didn't want to go home empty-handed after everything he had put in to be here. While Wonjae coveted to hold the spot of the 8th member of BTS.

Both of the boys knew only one will be selected.

One out of a million to be BTS' 8th member.

The door suddenly creaked open and the person stepped inside the room. The boys jerked their heads from the ground.

The Manager, Dae Jung thought, slightly licking his lips nervously. Dae Jung glanced at Wonjae who also appeared to be as anxious as him.

The Manager's attire was quite formal to address such news.

"Choi Dae Jung, Lee Wonjae," The Manager uttered in his deep, bold voice, "The time has come." He succeeded to seep in a tiny smile.

Both of the boys nodded tensely. Wonjae's nape occurred to a shimmer of sweat. He shakily brought his hand up at his nape and softly brushed it.

"Can't believe 3 years of being trainees have gone so fast hasn't it?" The Manager stated, attempting to loosen up the boys. Despite the more he conversed, the more the anxiousness rose within them.

The Manager sighed impatiently, lowering his gaze down for a second, "Congratulations Choi Dae Jung." He declared naturally as he gained eye contact with Dae Jung, "You are going to debut as the 8th member of BTS."

Dae Jung's heartbeat in his chest to a strange yet extraordinary rhythm. But whatever this sensation was, he gratefully enjoyed every second of it.

His facial expressions revealed pure happiness, "M-Me!" He stuttered in excitement. He was very happy he couldn't even speak a single word, "I am going to b-be the 8th m-member!" He was remarkably overwhelmed that his eyes revealed glassy.


"Hey man what's up!" Dae Jung dapped one of his best friends, Hyunwoo.

Hyunwoo grinned, "The usual." He slipped his right hand into the pocket of his basketball shorts, taking out a crumpled piece of paper.

Dae Jung stared eerily at the paper, "What's that you got there?" He asked Hyunwoo eagerly.

Hyunwoo hands the crumpled piece of paper to him.

Dae Jung unfolds the piece of paper, causing a tiny rip at the edge.

"Bro what the f*ck is this!" He gawked at the paper's content, " 'BigHit Entertainment opening auditions for an 8th member of BTS'?!"

"Dae you should audition," Hyunwoo started catching a few footsteps towards him.

Dae Jung scoffed as he folded the flyer, "Why BTS?" He remarked, "I can audition for another band!"

"Bruh you'll be hella famous!" Hyunwoo asserted, "And you'll benefit a lot! Aren't you an ARMY-"

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