Chapter 7: Being a Temporary Weasely

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Chapter 7: Being a Temporary Weasely

A few days after they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, the Weaselys arrived as well. "So this is the fair maiden called Harley Potter, I presume," Fred said. "Oh what a jolly! We have met you at last!" George remarked. "Boys," Mrs. Weasely warned. "Ah, mother! There you are!" the Weasely twins said. "Boys," she said again. "Oh dear, dear. It's finally good to see that young Harry has a sister to keep him company," Mrs. Weasely said. "How are you, Sweetie?" she asked. "I'm fine, thank you," Harley answered. "I'm Molly," Mrs. Weasely introduced herself. "And I'm Arthur Weasely," Mr. Weasely said. "Mr. Weasely, you work for the Ministry of Magic, do you not?" Harley asked. "Why, yes I do. How did you know?" Mr. Weasely seemed flattered. "It is such a wonderful job, to learn about Muggles. May I ask, what do you do during your work in the Ministry of Magic?" Harley asked. "Well I...." Mr. Weasely went on.

Fred and George roamed around the Leaky Cauldron and Ron and Harry joined with them. "I heard," Ron said. "Heard what?" Harry asked. "You made your Aunt into a parade balloon," Fred said. "I heard she blew up into pieces," George teased. "What?!" Harry asked "George's just barking. The ministry came into the scene right after you two left," Ron said. "I didn't do anything. Harley just sort of blew the top off when Aunt Marge talked about our parents," Harry said. "So the young witchette, we wonder what other mischievous doings has she done," Fred and George said as they each shook a weird looking bottle. "Wait, no!" Harley's voice was heard but it was too late, black powder covered the twins' face evenly. Percy sighed, "Another plotting student at Gryffindor," he said. "Finally! Another child to follow in our steps!" the twins' rejoiced together and ran to Harley and carried her around the pub. "Let me down! Let me down!" Harley protested. The twins lowered her. "What else have you tapped with your mischief?" Fred asked. "How do you come up with your plans?" George did the same. "What?" Harley asked. "Oh- um, I guess you just have to find out yourselves," she smiled sweetly as the twins started searching.

Soon, Fred and George found 5 sugar cube bombs which explodes mildly in your mouth and explodes like an actual bomb when it touches any form of beverage or drink. Next they found 10 Inn blankets which go scorching hot or freezing cold depending on what the user thinks is uncomfortable at the moment. And then there were other Muggle pranks that  Fred and George thought were magnificent even though it could use some Magic. But before the Weasely twins could do more damage, Mrs. Weasely stopped them.

In the evening, they enjoyed a nice dinner without the lie detector going haywire.Well, a few minutes of not being haywire, actually. Harley had Fred and George as her spells and Charms partners for her practices during dinner. Those charms and spells were targeted on Percy, by the Weasely twins' orders. Ron and Harry joined the fun, even though they were hesitant at first but Harley assured them that this was all for her to finish her 2 years' worth of spells and charms fast.

When they both gone to bed, Harley heard 3 screams, caused by the thermal Inn blankets. She smiled to herself as she slept.

The next morning, they ate breakfast and Harley and Ginny helped each other with the First year summer homework Ginny had. Ron was able to buy a new wand and Hermione was able to buy a new cat, Crookshanks. "Thank you for your wonderful gift for my birthday, I really love it," Harley remembered to say her gratitude. "I'm glad you like it, Harley. We were roaming around when an old witch (a/n an actual witch not the woman who looks mean) knew I was a witch as well and offered me the box for 5 Galleons. I was really fortunate to have bumped into her, or else I wouldn't have found a gift for you," Hermione said. "Wow, what luck," Harley agreed. "This might be an out of the blues question but does Ginny fancy Harry by any chance?" she asked. "It sure does look like it, doesn't it?" Ron entered the conversation as they looked at Ginny who asked Harry for some assistance for her homework. Ron sat next to Hermione who seemed to blush a little. Harley kept her hypothesis to herself. "Will you be able to catch up for our third year in Hogwarts?" Hermione asked. "I hope so," Harley said. Ron was about to drink his juice when Harley grabbed it from him. "Hey! What did you do that for?" Ron whined. Harley took the glass's straw and swirled it for a while then held up something with the straw. "Fred and George," she said. Just then, Fred and Georg popped out of no where. "How'd you know?" Fred asked. "I may have lived as a Muggle for 12 years of my life but that prank is the oldest one in the Wizarding prank book," Harley said. "Smart girl, smart girl," they said in unison.

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