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        It had been a month since I had actually last heard from Chloe. She only wanted to speak to me so she could break my heart for the second time in the space of a month, something she seemed to be pretty good at doing; probably the only thing she was good at doing.

        I was an idiot to think that she actually wanted me back and that she had changed. I should have realised that she never ever really loved me and she was only with me because she felt some sort of weird loneliness in her life, she only ever needed me so that she had someone to pass the time and make her life a little more bearable.

        I know people are going to think I am some sort of monster or that I am plain cruel, but I can’t be dealing with her shit as well as dealing with my own. It was hard enough accepting that she was pregnant with Matthew’s baby, so trying to accept that she is going to marry the twat, that’s damn near impossible. I just want to go over to his place, have one hell of an argument before making it clear that Chloe was never going to love him; she was only going to leave him when she had got her fill of him.

        She wasn’t the type of person to say ‘I love you’ and actually mean it. She just said it because she thought she had no other choice. She needs to be taught that those words actually mean something before she says them to another person, she can’t simply go round saying things she doesn’t even mean – it hurts knowing that she used me, that she was never planning on staying with me and that she was always going to go running back to the twat who treated her like she was nothing.

        The sound of my phone ringing brought me back to the reality of everything. Mainly the fact I was supposed to be writing an essay which was due tomorrow and I still have two thousand of the two thousand words to write.

        I looked at the caller ID, seeing that it said Chloe, I answered it far quicker than I should have done. But, if she was ringing me, then it meant she had something important to say and I wasn’t going to deny her even more time to lie to me.

        “Hello?” I said, it came as more of question than anything, but perhaps she would get straight to the point rather than trying to be nice to me.

        “I need to see you. We need to talk,” she replied. I could tell that she had been crying and, although I should have cared and asked her what was wrong, I didn’t really give a damn. She had probably only gotten what was coming to her and had been coming from the moment she agreed to marry that twat.

        “I don’t think there’s anything left to say. Do you?” I laughed bitterly.

        “I know my dad spoke to you,” her rely was simple but at the mention of her dad, there was so much anger and hatred in her tone. I had never heard her speak that way about him before. Sure, she had told me what he was like, but she had always tried to look past that and see that he did actually love her; even if he never made the effort to tell her.

        “He told me all I need to know. There’s nothing else for you to say,” I reiterated my previous point, being a total arse to her was easier than telling her what a bitch she was and how little I actually wanted to see her face.

        “You know what, I am so damn tired of everyone believing what they hear about me and never bothering to ask me about it. I am not some two-faced bitch who uses guys and neither am I a heartless cow who enjoys the pain of others,” Chloe snapped, pausing to allow her breathing to even out for a moment before she continued with her rant. “I know I have made mistakes, I’m not even going to deny that, but no one ever gives me the time to explain. They just listen to everything they hear about me but they don’t actually question me about it and I have had enough.”

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