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Jeongguk wanted to bury himself from the embarrassment as he heard foot steps coming towards him. Luckily his towel was still around his waist because it would've been awkward if it wasn't... The older was now right infront of him and held out his arms for the younger, "here, get up."

Gulping, he reached his hands out to grab onto the males just for the older to pull him up quickly without signal. Not ready to be pulled so hard, the younger lost balance when he stood up and tumbled into the mans arms. Wow great, lets not make this awkward my ass... the boy thought to himself before pulling away apologetically.

Taehyung didn't seem to care and motioned the younger to follow him into his closet. With the two now in the small space the older looked through his clothes and asked, "how're you feeling?"

Shocked, Jeongguk was a little taken aback because is he worried about me?

Quickly the boy smiled and mumbled, "I'm doing fine..." the older who was digging through his drawers suddenly looked up and smiled as well, in a friendly tone he chimed, "well that's good, you have to be in good shape to take care of tannie~" and again he went back to searching. Ah of course, like he'd care about some random person... the boy thought.

The male pulled out a large hoodie and a pair of sweat pants, "give me a second, I'll get you new briefs..." the older then pulled a random pack out of nowhere and handed it to Jeongguk, "mk you can change."

Taehyung went back to his bed and the boy looked around the place before changing quickly because the room had no door to it. Once done he again awkwardly walked towards the bed and sat on its edge, pitching his tone higher he called out to Yeontan who was playing in his little toy corner. The puppy cutely bounced itself over to the boy and pawed at his legs to be picked up. Like the first day Jeongguk was here at this house, he picked Tannie up and crawled into bed.

He had nothing to do but to play with the dog, energetically tannie started to jump around the bed and at times would accidentally hop onto Taehyung's chest as the male was laying down and looking through his iPad. Curious jeongguk looked over at the olders device and watched what he was doing. The man was probably playing something similar to a first person shooter and due to the long stares the male notice. "What is it?" He asked while still focusing on his screen.

With tannie in his arms Jeongguk looked at the older and muttered, "its nothing I'm just curious about the game is all... sorry."

The room became silent after that and all that was heard was the shooting through the males device. But after awhile Taehyung started to grunt, "ugh what the hell... just die..." hearing this, the boy once again focused his attention onto the game and tilted his head a little seeing that the male was being killed over and over again.

This time instead of asking "what is it," Taehyung looked the boy in the eyes and smiled, "wanna give it a try?"

Jeongguk froze, he had never played a game like this before. You see he was more of a just dance person...

Instead of turning it down, the boy places tannie next to himself and lets his arm out to receive the device. Maybe because the older wanted to see the boy fail at the level he was at, he shuffled himself closer to the younger. Once jeongguk saw the game he stared at the screen confusingly, in a small voice he asked, "sir... can you tell me what is what?"

Surprisingly compared to how impatient the male was at other things, he had no problem showing the younger where everything was and even going extremely in-depth with all the little trinkets. Now that all the information that needed to be known to play the game was told, Taehyung urged the boy to start.

So each level you are given a certain amount of bullets and their are a certain amount of enemies coming at you at every direction. Since you aren't able to acquire more bullets during the game, you must not randomly shoot. This was the round that the man was having trouble in and he was quite intrigued to see how the boy would handle it.

Once the round loaded in, jeongguk could feel his palms getting sweaty and also felt the older looking at the screen as well while leaning really close to his shoulders. He could practically feel the mans breathing.

The game itself looked horrifying but somehow, the boy felt like he had something to proof, so breathing out lowly, he began.

"Wow what the fuck Jeonggukie, how the hell did you get 100% on this level??? Do you shoot people in your spare time or something?" Taehyung gasped as his arms were now literally around the boys shoulders. The younger who was sweating bullets ironically thought, i think that's something you'd do in your spare time... but instead he answered, "no sir I just liked to play beer pong.

Chuckling at this answer taehyung plopped onto the bed in defeat and mumbled, "you can just call me hyung, sir makes you sound like the dude that used to clean my pond."

Immediately hearing this jeongguk jolted, "owner of the shoes???"

Confused at this question taehyung dumbly nodded, "yeah i guess they had him as an early morning snack, anyways lets sleep."

(Hey friends since you guys wanted to see some of my unpublished stories I've posted one called "hybrid" i swear I'm no furry and i literally made up half of it so if you're intrigued give it a read, I'm not sure if I'd update it on a regular but it's a pretty fun story uu)

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