Set Two: Memes

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1. "A funny thing about people is that they think they know me."

2. "Call me childish but I still do silent treatment when I'm mad."

3. "Sorry I'm late I was sitting on my couch for 15 mins watching Insta stories of people I don't speak to."

4. "I'm a mix of social and anti, it's kinda weird."

5. "I be disgusted with my past like damn wtf I was thinking."

6. "I got called pretty today. Well, the full statement was 'you're pretty annoying,' but I only focus on positive things."

7. "I am good at taking bad decisions."

8. "When someone tells me 'great question' I never end up hearing their answer because I'm too busy congratulating myself for asking such a great question."

9. "I'm not one call away I'm three missed calls and five texts away."

10. "I like chilling with people that are comfortable with silence."

11. "As an intovert I havean uncanny ability to suddenly disappear during social activities."

12. "Today was going great until, people."

13. "People who cancel our plans before I get up the courage to cancel them myself are my kind of people."

14. "I have earphones in my ear and you still trying to talk to me; don't you have manners?"

15. "I'm nervous flyer. I'm not scared of the actual flying. Just nervous someone will sit next to me and try to talk the whole flight."

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