I'm living here, and befriended a slave.. Not smart

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Hey I'm sorry it took awhile to upload, this story is actually getting hard to write. Anyway, enjoy! Btw, sorry again it's not my best chapter.


I sat there gaping at him. Was he serious?! I don't even know him!

"Sorry I think I heard you wrong, our home? We don't have an 'our' home!" I was stressed, maybe I was hearing things, maybe he didn't say that maybe...

"No, our home. We rule this city, welcome to Nizerzag." He said as we went past a sign in red that almost looked like blood.

"What where is Nizerzag!? I have never heard such a place. The name is ridiculas. Who would live in 'Nizerzag'?" I scoffed.

Devon slammed on the breaks. I hit my head on the dashboard but didn't injure anything. I looked at him, he was staring at me. Well actually I think it was more like glaring..

"Excuse me? Did you just diss Nizerzag!? How dare you! This city has been in my family for a long time. Now you will listen to me. Your children will take care of this town. So don't you dare say anything like that again. Well I really should say, our children." He smirked and sped off once again.

I just sat there I wasn't sure what to do. Until I remembered I had my phone in my pocket I could call someone. I slowly reached my hand into my pocket keeping my eye on Devon so he wouldn't notice. I just called whoever was first and it was Jay. I didn't care that I hated him right now I just wanted to go home. It was ringing, I quickly brought it to my ear but I didn't even have it there for a second because Devon stopped me.

He was leaning over me, his lips were very close. I could feel his warm breath in my face, it smelt almost minty.

"Please don't try that again." He whispered then took my phone and crushed it.

Yes he crushed it, with his bare hands.

"What? How did you do that?" I was scared.

He looked at me and smiled, it wasn't a warm smile. I was wondering where the Devon I had kissed was, this couldn't be there same man. He wouldn't kidnap me? Who am I trying to kid, of course he would. You can't trust anyone.

I leaned my head on the chair facing the window, I was almost asleep when I was interupted.

"Don't fall asleep on me darling, we're here." Devon said.

We were driving into a street, with huge gates blocking anyone from getting in. We stopped and there was a window with a man there.

"Mr Monson? Ah, and a guest I see." A tall old man said to I'm assuming Devon.

"Thank you Roger, this guest is the one." Devon replied.

Roger had a shocked face as he opened the big gate.

We drove down the road, there was probably only about 10 houses in this road, but they were all massive! I mean my whole house could fit in one room, and I thought I had an alright house.

"Impressed?" Devon asked.

"I've seen better." I scoffed. I couldn't let him see how I actually was impressed. He took me here without my permission, it's almost like kidnapping. It is really!

We walked into a house that was pure white on the outside, and on the inside too. It was beautiful, it had everything you could dream of. There were four floors, they even had elevators as well as stairs. The floors were so shiny you could probably see your own reflection. I stood there in awe.

A man came up to me dressed in black.

"Follow me and I shall show you your room Miss Princeton." He said to me.

"Uh, no." I told the man. I wasn't going to let him take me anywhere.

"Sorry would you like to share with Mr Monson?" He asked confused.

"No! That's fine, show me the stupid room." I said storming off, but not before I was stopped by a strong pair of arms.

"Are you sure you don't want to share?" Devon whispered.

"What happened to you? Why would you do this to me?"

"Babe, you know you love me."

"No! Listen to me, I could of loved you. I admit I was falling for you in the short time we knew each other, but then you do this! I don't even understand any of this. I won't forgive you, you tricked me into trusting you. I had just found out my boyfriend had cheated on me, then I went to you for help. You will never mean anything to me!" I yelled storming off. Tears prickling down my cheeks.

"Uh, would you like me to show you your room?" The man asked me.

"No i'll find it myself." I went into the elevator

I enter the elevator and wasn't really sure which floor I was on. I saw a map kind of thing. It had where everyone was staying. Apparently I was on the third floor. With Devon sleeping in the bedroom right next door, oh that's perfect.

I stepped out of the elevator and walked to the room. It had 'Monica' written on the door. Hmph, well this really is my room. My name was written in gold and I really thought it was real gold.      

I stepped into the room and wow. It was massive, almost like a whole house in one room. Okay that's a slight exaggeration. It was huge though. In the corner it had a kings side bed, it was white and a light pink with pillows covering it. It had my own bathroom, that was huge. It had a mini loungeroom and a massive walk in wardrobe. It was almost an apartment in one room. 

I was admiring the room when the door opened. A boy about my age entered. 

"Oh I'm so sorry Miss Princeton I didn't know you were in here, please forgive me." He bowed.

He was wearing ripped jeans and an almost dirty white shirt.

I sighed and layed on the bed.

"Please call me Monica." I said to the boy.

"Oh, yes of course. Would you like me to tuck you in?" He asked.

I laughed, but then stopped when I realised he was serious. I sat up on the bed.

"No, why would you do that?" I asked.

"Well, I am a human slave here." He replied, still not looking me in the eye. 

"Human? Slave? What we're all human. Why would you be a slave here?"

"No, hardly anyone here is human. I am a slave because I have betrayed this family, I will now serve them until my last breath." He told me.

Ah, what. I was getting more confused by the minute.

"Sit down and tell me more, please." I wanted to know more, I needed to know more.

"Lady Monica, it's fine. I will stand." He stared at his feet.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Just call me slave."

"I will not. What is your real name?"

"My mother named me Ashton."

"Hi Ashton, I'm Monica. Please come sit next to me." I smiled.

He nodded and sat down next to me.

He told me that Devon and his family living here were not human. That Devon was part human, that's why people thought he was. Eventually we got off the topic of non-humans. I don't know why I wasn't so shocked, it's almost like I expected it. I told him about my life, my ex boyfriend, my ex bestfriend and my family. He just listened. 

We were in the middle of crying of laughing when the door was pushed opened, and there stood a very angry someone. 

Oh boy.


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