🕊 i. another one of those days

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chapter one,

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chapter one,

These days the talks in news channels were always about the infamous villains killing their way into history. There has aways been deaths surrounding the internet for as long as it was invented, forcing people to resurface from whichever way they've learned to cope and return to reality, and yet humanity has evolved enough to kill more efficiently. So much so that you see a villain attack when walking home from work and you don't question it, you stroll past without a care of who's in danger and rather if a famous hero had come to the rescue. So much destruction that you grow immune to the shedding blood, of police tape at every corner and missing person signs hanging from grocery store windows.

Yet there's some situations where an anomaly occurs and unfamiliarity graces the news. It's rare and when they happen it's only a discovery of a new quirk, nothing more, though today was rather rule breaking it seemed.

The Monster is what they called it and the name did not exaggerate, for the creature had the characteristics; big claws, sharp teeth, glowing eyes and the danger of excitement. It was not a quirk anyone had seen, if it was one at all. It was big and daunting and absolutely feral, and since hitting the news there were questions if it was human or purely an animal undiscovered. Footage suggests beast, as witnesses had said there were no tame nature to it since they first saw it.

The first sighting was when it was digging through the food isle of a small corner store near midnight. It's claws tore through plastic with worryingly ease, big arched back with perhaps wings hidden in the mountains of feathers, and the mysterious color of black everywhere except for the yellow of the eyes, which were unbothered. It did not care for the employee at the front as they cowered in fear, seeming to run on the instinct to hunt for something edible. Apparently the human was decided to not be meaty enough. It looked calm and almost friendly if approached appropriately, but the sound of a gun and a bullet nestling into flesh broke any chance of hospitality.

The creature snarled and rised to its full height, higher than the average human male and feathers bristling to appear bigger. It looked for the source of the gun, chest heaving and saliva strings hanging from its maw, the wound hardly seeming to affect movement. The police man who shot it was quickly regretting that decision when the beast charged at him at full force, breaking through the stores front windows and to the car where the man hid behind. A shoulder slam to the hood of the vehicle and he was knocked back hard enough to break his skull open on the pavement.

The creature relaxed almost instantly when it's rival was inanimate. It stood for a minute, panting and feathers returning to their calm state, its eyes almost appearing curious when they looked around itself. It looked at the blood protruding from the human, it's nose wildly sniffing the air with a new wonder.

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