iii. Yeah. Friend lol.

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          As I situated myself, I got my ring light at a perfect angle, stood my phone up and began the live. "Buddy's be coming in all fast."

user, you're so pretty
user, i want to be you
user, arayviah are you and josh richards dating

          "No, me and Josh aren't dating"

everyone it's time for operations get joshayviah to happen
@/araisbaeasf yes i fucking agree

          "Vinnie, shut up"

user, josh joined the live
user, LSHSKS josh is gonna be upset
joshrichards, don't talk to my babyboy like that

          "I - okay."



buddy boy <3viah stop

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buddy boy <3
viah stop.

buddy girl
stop what joshua?

buddy boy <3
okay what did i do

buddy girl
what? nothing. you told me to stop
talk to your baby like that so i ended
the live :)

buddy boy <3
[message deleted]
buddy boy <3
it was a joke viah omg
why did you take it seriously
that's all we do is joke vi.

buddy girl
i'm sorry, i'm going through
stuff right now, i really don't
know what to do anymore.

buddy boy <3
what's up? anything i can
do to help?

buddy girl
not unless you can stop
people from texting me.

buddy boy <3

buddy girl
no one nvm.

buddy boy <3
your ex?

buddy girl
wtf, did julia tell you?

buddy boy <3
don't be mad at her i practically
begged her to tell me..

buddy girl
josh, this is my problem.
please don't do anything.

buddy boy <3
what's his number?

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