Chapter 2

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Sunday- when I woke up the next day I realized that it was Sunday. I got up looked at the clock that read 1:00pm I had slept 11 hours. I took a shower and went downstairs to my surprise there was Kyle talking to my mom I wondered what he was doing at my house. I walked over to him and asked him what he was doing here

"I just came to check on you" he said. "

I'm fine" I said

he said "okay" and told me that my mom invited him over for dinner.

"Oh" I said suspiciously.

"Wanna go for a walk?" He asked

"sure I guess so" I said.

we walked while we were talking about our past and stuff and I asked him again

"what are the scars on your wrist from".

"I guess nows as good a time as any" he said.

"My step dad would beat me up and would say stuff to me to make me feel really bad about myself. like you need to get better grades and stuff like that and physically abuse me and so I'd slit my wrists and put on a fake smile". He explained
"oh I'm so sorry I shouldn't have asked" I said.
"No it's fine" he said. "I have a question do you wanna be my girlfriend?" he asked as smoke came from his breath due to the cold.
"Yea" I said smiling

We started walking back to the house for dinner. We got back and watched a movie until dinner.
"What's for dinner"? I asked
"Spaghetti" my mom said as I sat down
All through dinner my mom kept asking Kyle random questions about his life and his future. After dinner I walked him home. He held my hand the whole way there. When we got there he kissed me on the door step and said "good night". I smiled and started walking back to my house. Half the way there I saw Jennifer driving her fancy red Camaro. She drove really slow past me. When I got home I helped my mom clean up and wash the dishes then i went to bed.

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